5 Tips to Get Rid of Dark Spots

5 Tips to Get Rid of Those Dark Spots


According to dermatologists, by their early 30s people begin to see a change in their skin tone.  Among those changes are the appearance of ugly dark spots. Dark spots are often caused by sun exposure and previous acne breakouts.

However, with these following tips, getting rid of those dark spots will be easier than you would think.


  1. Use retinoid cream

 Retinol Cream

Used 40 years ago as an FDA-approved acne treatment because of its ability to unclog facial pores and increase the presence of collagen, retinoid cream can additionally get rid of your dark spots. Retinoids are a type of vitamin A derivative which help to speed up the process of cellular turnover. This means the cells in your face get rid of the old, dead cells faster and produce new, healthy skin cells.


  1. Don’t pick your skin


Skin picking is a common sign of anxiety. However, if you pick your skin too often it can leave scars and increase the amount of dark spots on your face. Rather than picking at your pimples, treat your marks with hydrocortisone cream, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that will reduce the swelling of your pimples and therefore reduce your urge to pick at them.


  1. Clean your face

 woman cleaning her face

Because dark spots are often caused by acne, one of the best ways you can reduce them is by washing your face in the morning and at night depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Use a quality facial cleanser with aha's and be sure not to fall asleep with makeup on your face, which can increase your chance of a breakout and isn’t good for your skin overall.


  1. Use a cleansing brush


Another way to get rid of dark spots is to use a cleansing brush. A cleansing brush will get rid of the excess dead cells on the top layer of your skin. By removing the dead cells, the new cells on your face will be able to soak up whatever moisturizer and toner you apply during your daily facial treatment.


  1. Organic lightening cream

 organic lightening cream

Many skin care whitening products use a small percentage of the chemical hydroquinone, but if your skin is particularly sensitive you may take the route of a more natural skin lightening product.

Organic lightening cream is a type of face lightening cream which acts to reduce the presence of melanin in the skin. Skin lightening products such as this help even out your skin tone by reducing discoloration which may be caused by dark spots, freckles, or acne scars.

Natural skin lightening products utilize retinoic acid, kojic acid, or arbutin. Retinoic acid differs from the use of retinoids, but works in a similar fashion as it also stems from vitamin A. Kojic acid is produced by a species of fungi and helps to remove dead cells and remove oil and dirt from the skin. Arbutin, like kojic acid, is produced from a plant and helps to cease the production of melanin in the skin, therefore reducing dark spots and discoloration.

By treating your skin right and with the additional help of natural skin lightening products and creams, you can be sure to reduce the discoloration and overall aging of your skin. Maintain proper facial health, reduce the picking of your skin, and pamper yourself every so often and your skin may just stay as young as you feel.

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