Safe Skin Whitening


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Safe Skin Whitening Treatments 

People have been bleaching their skin white for thousands of years, it's not a new thing, but what is new these days is the technology behind it. There are still herbal skin lightening treatments out there, but they only ever had a very mild, gradual effect. There are also creams out there for sale online from countries without adequate regulations which work to bleach the skin very quickly, but which leave nasty, harmful side effects.  With natural skin whitening products there is no need to worry about adverse side effects.

Some of the dangerous skin whitening treatments you should avoid are anything containing mercury, anything with hydroquinone, and any product which suggests you can swallow a pill to bleach your skin. Without naming names, you might find that the products containing mercury are from Asia or Africa, hydroquinone is only available on prescription, unless it's illegally sold, and you might be sold lemon juice in a capsule if you don't know what you're looking for. 


How To Whiten Your Skin Safely

The products available from Tonique Skin Care contain a carefully formulated mixture where the active ingredients are skin whitening ingredients such as arbutin , and alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid. These chemicals are FDA approved, for over the counter sale, which means they are safe to use even for long periods of time. They are also very effective if used according to the instructions. Everyone has different skin, and may be using different amounts of the substance for even bleaching, but the important thing is that it is safe. You obviously need to be careful not to get this stuff in your eyes, as it is a powerful bleaching chemical concoction, but apart from that, and a few other sensitive areas, it is safe to use over the whole body. 


Safe Application Of The Cream 

Once you've decided that you want to proceed with the treatment, you need to work out what area you want to bleach. For dark skinned people, there isn't much alternative but to bleach the entire body, or else there will be uneven patches. For very light skinned people, they may be able to get away with just bleaching one affected area, like a dark spot, melasma or freckles on the face. If you are bleaching the whole body, you will want to be very careful around the eyes, and also be careful around mucus membrane areas, although these will need to be bleached as well, with due care.  

Basically, if you apply the cream and it starts to hurt, don't apply any more, it's not rocket science, but the main thing is don't get it in your eyes. Leave the cream on for the specified amount of time, and you should start to notice results straight away, or definitely after a few days. The results are relatively permanent, but the skin will return to it's natural color as the skin cells die and new ones grow up underneath, so the cream will need to be reapplied at least three to four times per week if the effects are to be maintained.  

To buy now, visit our home page or product description page to look at our all natural, potent skin whitening products.  Whiten the skin 2-3 shades effortlessly while clearing the skin of all dark marks and hyperpigmentation.  To order or for product suggestions contact one our live customer service agents, we are available through live chat 24/7.