Skin Brightening Tips

There are many things you should know before using a skin whitening product on your skin, and this page is to give you some important tips on how to lighten your skin, and how to do it safely. 

There are many reasons why somebody might want to use a skin whitening product. They may have uneven skin tone, caused by freckles, sun spots, age spots, burns, scars, pregnancy marks, hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation.  

They may have a cosmetic reason to want to appear whiter, and that's probably the first thing to figure out, why you want to bleach your skin. 

These treatments are best used to fix uneven skin tone, and for a darker person, it may be a rather large change to all of sudden go a lighter shade of pale. The products on the Tonique Skin Care site contain natural ingredients such as arbutin, and glycolic acid. Arbutin is a natural source of hydroquinone, which is used in many stronger prescription creams. 

Doctors advise that you do not use hydroquinone for more than a few weeks at a time, as it can cause a thinning of the skin, and may over time remove all pigment, leaving the skin completely white. 

These products are a lot less powerful, and work to gradually change the color of the skin in stages. The effects are long-lasting though, and so it is a good idea to make sure that you do your research to understand what changes you can expect to see.   

There are many online resources that can help you learn more about the active ingredients of the products offered on Tonique Skin Care, and we invite you to take a look, to get a better idea of the process, and it is a life-changing process. Definition and reasons for skin whitening, the hunt for Natural Skin Whitening Agents.   

Now that you have a better idea of the treatments we offer, you may decide to make a purchase, and try out these safe, natural, and effective skin whitening products. 

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Remember that you can also send a message to Tonique, and talk to a qualified expert about the skin care products available on the site. 

**Individual results may vary depending on sensitivity, skin type, skin care history, and age, as well as how the product is applied.**