Be Prepared: The Pros And Cons Of Skin Bleaching

Be Prepared: The Pros And Cons Of Skin Bleaching

Flawless skin is desired by everyone, but skin imperfections are a part of life. Take acne, for example. By their mid-teens, around 40% of people have acne or scars from acne somewhere on their bodies. However, these scars and other skin imperfections don't have to be permanent. Dark marks, acne scars, and other noticeable markings can be treated with bleach for skin. However, before using these helpful skincare products, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons.

The Pros Of Bleaching Skin

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1.  Lightens Skin Tone

Bleaching your skin can help lighten the skin tone and reduce the visibility of noticeable markings. It does this by reducing the melanin levels in the targeted area. It can help remove the dullness by enhancing your natural skin tone.

2.  Lightens Tanned Skin

This is sort of the same as the above, but it is not a long-lasting benefit. Typically done to reduce or get rid of sun tanning due to sun damage. The darker layer of skin will fade away after regular bleaching. However, this won't last forever.

3.  Texture Improvement

After you bleach your skin, the texture of the skin is enhanced and rejuvenated. It even has the benefit of helping kill white and blackheads (acne forms) due to dead cells being removed otherwise known as exfoliation. This can help improve the overall texture of your skin.

Cons Of Bleaching Your Skin

1. Potential Allergic Reactions

This isn't something that everyone will experience, but sometimes skin bleaches can trigger an allergic reaction in individuals. It can be itchiness or a slight burning sensation that heights as dosages are increased. You should make sure that you don't have a skin allergy to the bleach used if you plan on bleaching your skin.

2. Damage From Sun Rays

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This is another con that only applies in certain situations. After bleaching, you need to avoid sun exposure to the bleached area. Your skin will be hyper-sensitive to the sun's rays, so use sunscreen that is at least 15+ to prevent any issues when outdoors. You can also get the procedure done later in the day.

Bleaching your skin is a great way to remove skin imperfections, but it can cause some issues if you're not prepared. Make sure you get an allergy test done for the bleaches used and take proper sun-ray protection precautions after.

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