Best Bleaching Cream for Face

Best Bleaching Cream for Face

People hear the words "bleaching cream" and don't know what to make of it.  One thing's for sure the words "tanning lotion" definitely do not evoke the same response.  Something that many people don't know is using a good, quality bleaching cream doesn't mean that you wish to lighten your overall skin tone (even though this can be done) but it may just mean that you wish to lighten a patch of skin that is darker than the skin that surrounds it.  Hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin can be caused by past inflammation to the area like an acne flare up, sun damage, or hormones which can cause a condition caused melasma which is also known as chloasma.


Using a Bleaching Cream for the Face

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There are many ways to use a bleaching cream correctly.  You can apply it to just the dark spot(s) or dark patch of skin that you would like to lighten or you can apply it to the entire face and neck to lighten these areas in their entirety.  Directions may be after cleansing with a gentle cleanser, apply the cream twice daily to the area that you want to lighten and may also include that you need sun protection to avoid having the area tan while using these products.  Some people choose to use it just to lighten a dark patch or spot or sun damage which will be gone and stay gone after using the bleaching product or they may choose to lighten the skin beyond their natural birth tone which means that the product would need to be applied over the entire area that you wish to lighten and used continually in order to maintain your new lighter tone.  Either way while using a bleaching cream for the face and/or the body you must use sunblock and make sure that the skin isn't exposed to the rays of the sun for long periods of time.


Maintaining The Results After Using a Bleaching Cream


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Once the hyperpigmentation is gone, you can ensure that it does not come back by making sure to protect the skin from the damaging and harmful rays of the sun by using a sunblock of spf 30 and above daily.  This is a must for those that have applied a bleaching cream for lightening the skin tone overall or those that are lightening a spot or areas of hyperpigmentation.  If applying the cream all over the face and neck to lighten the skin tone, once you get to the shade that you desire, continue using a gentle exfoliating cleanser but, it only needs to be applied once every other day, instead of twice daily however, sun block must be applied after the cream if you'll be applying it during the day.  By doing this you will be able to ensure that you do not have to start all over again because of darkening of the skin.


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Hello Rosalinah, yes it works very well to remove dark spots as well as sun damage :). If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


Hi I’m rosalinah Roth just wanted to know if the bleaching cream is working for sun damage and black spots

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