Best Skin Bleaching Products In The World

July 09, 2016

Best Skin Bleaching Products In The World

Best Skin Bleaching Products 

Best Skin Bleaching Products

The products on are made using only the highest quality ingredients, which are both effective in whitening the skin, but also safe, and able to be used to maintain the effects for life, if wanted.

The active ingredients are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, sepiwhite MSH, and other helpful chemicals such as tea tree oil, to sooth the skin, and stop any inflammation in customers with sensitive skin.

The company is based in Maryland, USA, and as such is subject to the FDA rules and regulations, and they've been in business for over ten years, with no complaints of nasty side effects or problems.

The products are relatively inexpensive, with a package containing everything you need for months of skin bleaching costing two or three hundred dollars, depending on which one you want.

You can also buy the products individually, such as the skin whitening gel for $99, or the glycolic peeling lotion for $149.95.

You do get a much better deal by buying one of the package deals though, and the product work in combination with each other to produce the best results.

The Color Me Beautiful package contains:


1 Green tea moisturizing whitening lotion

1 10x intense whitening cream

1 intense skin whitening gel

1 coconut mango triple whitening exfoliating soap

 1 brightening whitening facial toner

The packages don't contain the chemical peeling lotion, but you can buy that as well separately. The Absolutely Flawless Face and Body Whitening package has the same thing, without the second and third item on that list.

How To Buy

 Tonique Staff Contact Us


Before you buy everything, you might want to talk to the helpful support staff of Tonique, who can give you the right advice on how to use the products correctly in order to get the exact results you're looking for, on your individual skin.

Send a photo in an email to or just describe your skin, and what you hope to achieve.

It's not a permanent solution, but results can be maintained for years once you reach the right skin tone, through only a small amount of product.

You may decide to bleach your whole body white, in order to completely cover up a dark spot or a patch with no pigment, birthmarks, freckles, scars, etc, or you may just be able to bleach a small area, to lighten it a little.

It makes a difference whether you have naturally light or dark skin, so be sure to get the right advice, it comes free with the products.

The alternatives on the market are often of lower quality, not being manufactured in the US, and subject to the FDA regulations, and Tonique Skin Care is a trusted, well established large company that makes products that are completely safe, as well as effective.

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