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Best Skin Lightening Cream for Body

Skin lightening is not just limited to the skin on the face, sometimes there are areas of the body that need to be lightened also.  Reasons for lightening the body may be so that it is even toned and/or to remove hyperpigmentation, or maybe you just want to lighten up a couple of shades to match your face.  There are many reasons why you may want to do this and here is how you can get the best results possible.

 This can be tricky because the skin of the body is thicker and is generally harder to lighten than the skin of the face.  The body also has areas that are exposed to friction again and again (such as the buttocks) so, that these areas can be even more difficult to treat.

How to Use Cream for Lightening the Body

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The best cream for lightening the body is one that lightens effectively without any adverse effects.  With use twice daily results should be seen in 5-7 days and it should also be able to be used long term even after the hyperpigmentation has been lightened to maintain clear and glowing skin on the body.

Step 1.

Exfoliate-In the morning, use an kojic bar and exfoliating cloth to cleanse and exfoliate the skin below the neck once a day to make sure that the skin is ready to absorb the cream that is being applied.  At night, use just the kojic acid bar with a plain washcloth (not exfoliating) to cleanse the skin.  Exfoliating helps the lightening cream work more effectively to lighten any area(s) that it is being applied to.

Step 2.

Apply Body Lightening Cream-Apply the cream evenly to any areas that you want to lighten.  Please apply a more concentrated skin lightening cream for the body to specific areas of hyperpigmentation that you wish to lighten.  To lighten the entire body and not just a specific area of hyperpigmentation try a body lightening lotion instead.

Step 3.

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If going out in the day, apply a brightening sunscreen to any areas of skin that will be exposed or cover any areas that are being lightened with clothing.

For more information on the best skin lightening cream for the body or more information on skin lightening creams for the face, live chat with us on the Tonique website 24/7. 


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