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Best Tips for Using Skin Whitening Cream

If you've never used a skin whitening cream before, it can seem more complicated than it really is.  The key to getting the product(s) to work for you is being consistent with your application and having a skin care goal in mind.  Your goal may be to get rid of hyperpigmentation overall or lighten the skin a few shades, or even just to even the skin tone.

Keep the Skin Clean

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There are so many benefits to keeping the skin clean especially for those with problem skin.  If you suffer from acne, eczema, and other common skin ailments it is very important to cleanse the skin regularly to keep it clear of bacteria and build up which can further irritate and exacerbate skin issues.  Try to cleanse both in the morning and night and always remove your makeup at night before going to sleep.

Exfoliate Regularly

Keeping the skin clean is important and another way to keep the skin free of buildup is by exfoliating.  You can exfoliate manually by using a gentle cleanser along with exfoliating gloves or an exfoliating cloth, or by using a natural chemical exfoliant such as kojic acid.  If you don't have sensitive skin, exfoliating every other day may be a good option for you, but for sensitive skin types, just once a week with a brightening facial scrub is good.

Consistent Application

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To get the results that you want, applying your product(s) consistently is essential.  Apply them on clean skin twice daily for the fastest results, though some prefer to apply skin whitening cream at night and wear a sunblock in the day.  Whether applying once a day or twice a day, you will still have good results using a premium skin whitening cream.  

Sun Protection

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Sun protection is ultra important when using a skin whitening cream.  Even if a sunblock is used, if the skin is exposed to the sun for long periods of time, it will tan.  If you'll be out and about in the day, wearing long sleeves and clothing with built in uv protection is best, maybe even a parasol and wide brimmed hat.  Protecting the skin from tanning is of the utmost importance while using these creams.


For more information on how to use skin whitening creams and skin brightening products contact us via live chat 24/7 to speak with a senior skin care specialist that can recommend the best products for you, your skin type, and help you to achieve your skin care goals.


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