Best Whitening Cream

Best Whitening Cream

In a situation where your skin looks darker than your natural birth tone, where your skin is uneven, sun damaged, or plagued by acne scars and discoloration, skin lightening or natural skin whitening products may be something to consider. These products have natural bleaching and brightening effects that smooth and lighten the skin but also make it more even toned, glowing, and flawless for a more perfect complexion. But as many people clear, glowing, flawless, and fair skin, you should ensure that you choose quality products that are not harmful to your skin.  Your best bet is to go the natural route as natural skin care products are always safe for both your health and skin while allowing you to go makeup free and flaunt your skin at the drop of a dime!


How the Best Skin Whitening Products are Formulated

 How Skin Care Products are Formulated


Many of the people who are interested in using a natural product to whiten or lighten the skin should understand every ingredient and its purpose for being incorporated into the skin lightening products that you plan to use.  Here are some of the unique ingredients in the Tonique line of products and their uses:


  • Purified Seawater is one of the ingredients that should be incorporated in the products. This ingredient is meant to enhance the moisturizing effect of the skin and make sure that the products penetrate the skin and improve skin health and also that it is very "spreadable".  We make sure this ingredient and all of our ingredients are purified and/or organic to avoid toxins being applied to our largest organ, the skin.  


  • Aloe Vera Juice, known for its rejuvenating effect and moisturizing nature as it relates to the skin, allows your skin to not only be smooth but also helps to make it an even tone, and also contributes to skin health.


  • Vegetable glycerin helps with oil control/breakouts, is a humectant, another component in moisturizing and also helps with skin health, texture, and tone.


  • Sepiwhite MSH is a powerful natural skin lightening ingredient made up of natural plant lipids that lightens even the darkest skin effortlessly and without side effects to produce even better results than using hydroquinone or other harmful chemicals.  

Other ingredients include the alpha arbutin, Chestnut extract, Lemon extract, citric acid Vitamin C and Kojic Acid which not only produce extra lightening benefits but also help to exfoliate, brighten, and further even tone as well as whiten the skin.


Natural skin whitening should be done taking care to use these products as directed and also consistency in application is going to be one of the greatest factors in your success. The best thing is to have a set schedule of applying your skin care products.  Our skin whitening cream(s) require application twice daily after cleansing the skin and this should be done until you've achieved the desired result or on an ongoing basis for clearing, glowing, skin.  Once you've achieved your desired effect, the results can be maintained by using sunblock before going out into direct sunlight and taking care to research and stop whatever caused the hyperpigmentation or discoloration in the first place.


How these Products Work


Sun damage removal, melasma removal, hyperpigmentation removal, fading of birth marks, freckles, and dark patches can be achieved by using the Tonique line of products consistently. This bleaching effect is achieved from the depletion of the melanocytes, the cells in your skin that are responsible for the production of melanin. When Melanin is in plenty amount, it would definitely cause your skin to appear darker and when melanin is not uniformly distributed on the skin it causes an unsightly uneven skin tone which you may not even be able to cover up using makeup. Applying these products daily will even the tone and allow you to have the best glowing and most even skin tone that you can achieve.


Why Natural Ingredients Are Best

Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients are Best


Having natural ingredients in your skin care products spares your skin from a lot of harm that might happen to it through the use artificial and potentially harmful ingredients. Natural ingredients are well-tolerated by the skin because they get absorbed without breaking any part of the skin and natural ingredients also tend to nourish the skin and tend to skin health as well. Some harmful skin lightening chemicals tend to remove the top cuticle of the skin which then makes your skin thin, easily bruised and sensitive to the slightest pressure.  Natural ingredients on the other hand work by removing melanocytes, they won’t affect the structural components of your skin as opposed to the artificial ingredients. Your body is natural and so it needs to be treated with natural products and ingredients for it to work perfectly.


How to Use These Products


Direction on how to use the products depends on the aim of the user. Some are looking for a fairer skin tone while others may be looking to remove some specific hyperpigmentation on the skin or even tone the skin. In the former, you should apply twice to thrice a day depending on the extent on which you would like your skin to lighten up. On the latter, just apply on the affected part and make sure that you continue that way until you reach your desired skin care goal and practice methods that help you to avoid hyperpigmentation from returning again such as regular use of sunblock.

 Girl Applying Skin Care Products


You can use Tonique products as long as you desire to achieve your skin care goals, some customers even use these products as their products of choice for both moisturizing and maintaining a more fair skin tone.  Most of our products act as not only skin lightening products but also anti-aging products, and work to improve skin health for not only a lighter skin tone but a younger appearance as well.  Avoid using unnatural skin lightening products for a long period of time because you could expose your skin to many infections. Using unnatural lightening products can cause your skin to appear old and haggard.  Source your products only from trusted supplies to avoid buying the fake ones that could harm you. Tonique products are made in the U.S. which is one way to guarantee the quality of a product, another way is to make sure they are FDA approved, which the Tonique line of products are.  Either way when making the decision to apply skin care products to the largest organ that you have make sure that they are safe, effective, quality products that get you to achieve your skin care goals.


For more information on which product from our line is right for your skin type, texture, and that can help you to achieve your skin care goals contact us via live chat 24/7 or email us at and we will reply within 24 hours. 

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