Skin brightening and anti-aging cream: How does it work?

Skin Brightening and Anti-Aging Cream: How does it work?


Fighting the effects of aging can give us more confidence in our day to day lives. As we try to reduce the signs of wrinkles, there are many brands of anti aging cream on the market to choose from. The effectiveness of these over-the-counter products relies a lot on the ingredients that are used. As they are not classified as drugs, they are not required, under law, to undergo strict scientific research. This can mean that many may not be as effective as stated. Remember to read the small print on the packaging to see what the cream actually contains, which will help determine its effectiveness.

So what are some of the common ingredients found in these products?


Tightening & Toning Retinol Formula

Retinol is often found in anti aging creams and has been proven to increase the production of collagen.

This increase will help reduce wrinkles, as well as preventing fine lines. A compound of Vitamin A, Retinol has antioxidant properties, which helps to break down free radicals and improve the condition of your skin.

-Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a common ingredient of anti ageing creams and another antioxidant. Using products that contain this can help prevent sun damage to your skin, thus reducing the signs of ageing.

-Alpha Hydroxy Acids

alpha hydroxy acids lemon

There are often ingredients we may see in these products that we are not immediately familiar with. One such group of ingredients that will appear on product labels may be hydroxy acids. Alpha, Beta and Poly hydroxy acids are all exfoliants, a term you may have heard. An exfoliant is something that removes the upper layers of dead or old skin and can be found in the form of cleansers, creams, lotions, and other forms. By doing this, it helps to promote the regrowth of smoother skin. But one must also consider the potential side effects of stripping away or exfoliating your skin, as you will be more open to harmful UV rays, which in the long term, may cause even more damage so, make sure to make sunblock and avoiding overexposure to direct sunlight a part of your daily skin care routine also.



There are a number of other ingredients commonly found in certain products, Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short, functions as an antioxidant and is found in every cell of the body. This ingredient is excellent for producing younger looking skin and reducing wrinkles especially around the eye area.

Other substances included in anti aging creams can include tea extracts, grape seed extracts and peptides.

The most important thing to consider when using an anti aging cream is to research the ingredients and decide if they will work for you, as well as the long term effects of each ingredient. If one product doesn’t seem to be working, maybe you require a different one.

There is no miracle cure for ageing, but using the correct products may help you feel younger and more confident. We would all like to stay young forever and anti aging creams have become a big part of many peoples everyday lives, and to a certain extent, will help reduce any wrinkles that develop over time. Anti aging creams ideally should be just one small part of a healthy lifestyle, which no product on the market can beat.


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