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Clay Masks: How Can They Help Me?

The origins of clay masks date back to over 5,000 years ago in India as a common skin treatment. Throughout time, it has become a staple in many cultures, and is still commonly used today. Clay masks are used to draw out impurities in the skin and help improve skin tone. They can also help reduce oiliness of the skin. Clay masks are applied to various parts of the body, but they are most commonly applied to the face.

black woman with clay face mask

Using a clay mask is relatively simple, but having a solid skincare routine beforehand is essential for getting all the benefits of a clay mask. First, start with a quality cleanser to prepare the skin for a deep pore clearing. Then, apply an even layer of clay mask on the face and leave it there for approximately 15 minutes. You can choose to apply it to specific areas such as the T-zone if you’d like. Finally, remove the mask using warm water and apply a quality moisturizer to help retain moisture in the skin.

Clay masks can be helpful for a variety of skin concerns. If used once a week consistently, the skin will show improvement. Using clay masks to help supplement a solid skincare routine can help bring you smooth, even-toned skin.

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