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Dark Circles: What a Nuisance!

            Hyperpigmentation can affect many different parts of the body, most notably the face. Hyperpigmentation on the face can be quite bothersome, especially for those looking for a bright and even-toned complexion. A very common form of hyperpigmentation on the face is periorbital hyperpigmentation, also known as dark circles.

            What causes dark circles? Dark circles have an array of causes, including genetics, lack of sleep, consistent exposure to the sun, stress, and dehydration. Age and having a melanin-rich skin tone can also play a factor in getting dark circles, as periorbital hyperpigmentation is quite common in the elderly and those with deeper skin tones.

            How can dark circles be treated? One way to treat dark circles is to try getting more sleep. This can help reduce the appearance of shadows around the eyes. Another way to treat dark circles is to drink more water, as proper hydration can help keep your skin from looking dull. You should also avoid prolonged sun exposure and try to use a quality sunscreen while you are outside. These methods can help prevent dark circles if executed correctly.

            A solid skin care routine should also be incorporated to help fade periorbital hyperpigmentation. First, a combo of a cleanser and exfoliation will help you start with a clean base, as well as help speed up cell turnover for to accelerate the skin brightening process. After cleansing, a brightening moisturizer should be used to lock in moisture and help fade the hyperpigmentation. Then, apply a brightening eye serum to help target the periorbital hyperpigmentation specifically. Lastly, use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

           Dark circles are notorious for being stubborn, and most people think of them as a nuisance. With the right skincare plan, enough rest, and proper hydration, periorbital hyperpigmentation can fade away over time, leaving you with a beautiful, glowing skin tone all over the face.

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