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Dark Spot Cure for Black Skin

Dark spots otherwise known as hyperpigmentation can be so distressing.  It ruins your appearance and may make you feel like you have to wear makeup in order to look your best or feel less self conscious.  The best course of action is to use a skin care product that will remove them altogether so, you can have glowing and flawless skin even without the use of makeup.

How to Cure Dark Spots

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**Tonique customer before and after use the 20x gel creme for these results**

Different skin types sometimes require different formulations.  The darker the skin tone, the more difficult it will be to get rid of hyperpigmentation.  The more fair the skin tone the easier it is to get rid of dark spots most of the time.  This is of course, once the cause of the dark spots is discovered, treated, and eliminated.  The most common cause of dark spots is inflammation as a result of acne, but can also be caused by allergies, skin conditions, insect bites, etc.  

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These things can leave dark spots that linger for months and sometimes even years.  The best way to remedy the situation is to take a more aggressive approach  in removing the dark spots.  For both the face and body use effective skin lightening products that specialize in lightening darker skin tones and have an effective skin care regimen for doing so.  

Use these products daily and consistently to get rid of hyperpigmentation for good.  Also, making sure to exfoliate along with the products and use effective cleansers containing aha's,  as well as an effective mineral based brightening sunscreen.


For more information on which products to use, how to lighten dark spots, sun damage, dark patches, and other spots of hyperpigmentation live chat with a representative 24/7 on the Tonique website.

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