Demystifying the Ingredients in Skin Lightening Products

Demystifying the Ingredients in Skin Lightening Products



  1. Purified Seawater

 woman standing in the sea

Purified Seawater, an ingredient in our range of skin lightening products, helps the skin to feel smoother, appear brighter and softer. It is because salty water opens skin pores, hence purifies them. Seawater not only cleans, but also purges away sweat, dirt, and other toxins; thus, leaving your skin feeling fresh and very soft. The benefits of seawater don’t end there; it also helps in preventing other skin ailments including rashes and skin allergies. 


  1. Kojic acid


It is a potent skin lightening component derived from fungi. Unlike hydroquinone, it has no side effects. Kojic acid corrects numerous skin pigmentation conditions including freckles and melasma. However, this element is most effective when mixed with other natural whiteners such as glycolic acid, which exfoliates the skin to eliminate pigments from the exterior layer.


  1. Sepiwhite MSH*

 20x Gel Creme with sepiwhite

The element is contracted from an organic compound known as Phenylalanine. It functions as a melanotropin inhibitor; that means it reduces melanin synthesis. The potent Sepiwhite skin brightening and whitening ingredient; is also safe, efficient and fast in hyperpigmentation control.


In addition to depressing the formation of melanin, Sepiwhite acts as a catalyst in skin repair and strengthening of the skin layer. It further prevents sun spots and aging. All our skin lightening products come packed with this ingredient; for those with hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal irritation or sun exposure, this is a no brainer.


  1. Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe Vera is a fast skin whitening natural ingredient; we have incorporated it for a long time in our Tonique products. Reasons we prefer it included; it helps in evening out your skin tone for a more fair skin. It helps to lighten acne scars, sunburns and fades dark spots. For those women grappling with hyperpigmentation problems; Aloe Vera rich products are your cure. Trust and use them for exfoliating and in skin lightening. They have no side effects; but are fast, and very healthy.


  1. Vitamin C

 woman with lemons on her eyes

Vitamin C is a critical skin care with many benefits since it is an antioxidant. The Vitamin C keeps you healthy, but consuming it is even better for your skin. As a potent natural medicine, it is essential in skin lightening and prevents skin deterioration. It does this, by enhancing the production of skin collagen, which maintains the skin elasticity and firmness. If you don’t eat citric fruits such as lemon, make them part of your regime and of course, use products that contain citric acid.


  1. Bearberry Extract


Wonder why our skin lightening products work so well? This extract is the reason. It is very active at efficient when removing aging signs such as dark spots. Harvested from bearberries; they contain arbutin a natural element; that inhibits enzymes responsible for overproduction of melanin. With less pigment production, it destroys pigmentation issues from its source, making it so potent. Bearberry further contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals, while protecting the skin from sunburns.


Our products have more natural ingredients like vegetable glycerin extracted from vegetable oils. Glycerin functions as a skin moisturizer by forming a layer that prevents the loss of skin moisture. It also increases oxygen flow making the skin glow instantaneously.

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