Do Dark Spots Go Away (Disappear)?

Do Dark Spots Go Away (Disappear)?

The short answer is sometimes they do go away on their own after a long time but most of the time they don't.  Unfortunately, dark spots can stay on the face for months or even years after the original breakout that caused them.  It's unfortunate but you have to be more proactive in order to have a flawless complexion and use a  consistent skin care regimen and high quality products to remove them.

How to Make Dark Spots Disappear

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**Tonique customer before and after**

Making dark spots disappear can be a daunting task if the right products aren't used but, can be done.  Using a high quality skin lightening cream is the key to getting good results.  Companion products that go along with it like a good scrub, cleanser, toner, and sunscreen is also something to be considered.  Use these products consistently and the first results should show in roughly 5 days, sometimes even sooner.

Dark spots are something that can occur on both the face and the body.  It is important to use a skin lightening product that addresses the face or the area of the body that you're removing hyperpigmentation from.  The reason for this is the skin on the face is thin and delicate while the skin of the body can be thicker, tougher, and harder to lighten.

Do Dark Spots Return?

If you have another breakout or pimples start cropping up on the face again, they may leave dark spots once they've healed and the inflammation is gone.  This is one of the reasons why it's important to find out why you may have acne and how to prevent it from happening again.  Some people may find that they have breakouts due to food allergies, hormones, etc. and finding out what triggers your acne is part of keeping the skin clear, glowing, and radiant.

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Another part of keeping dark spots away is sun protection or sunscreen.  If you've lightened an area, and expose it to sun rays without sunscreen or the area being covered by clothing there is a good chance the area will tan and the dark spots may return.

For more information on how to remove dark spots and any other forms of hyperpigmentation live chat with a knowledgeable skin care representative 24/7 on this website.

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