Do's and Don'ts of Skin Bleaching

Do's and Don'ts of Skin Bleaching


Some women will try different methods in order to bleach the skin and have a more flawless complexion. Skin bleaching makes the skin flawless by removing hyper pigmentation and discoloration. However, some of the common methods that are used can lead to dire consequences for the skin if not chosen wisely and also if not used in the right way. Therefore it is important to choose the right skin bleaching creams (natural preferably) to avoid unwanted results. Having said that, it is important we go through the do's and don'ts of skin bleaching so that you can know how to use skin bleaching creams. Continue reading to find out more.


Always Cleanse Your Face Well before Applying Skin Bleaching Creams

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You should not apply skin bleaching creams without cleansing your face with a good quality cleanser and clean water. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face and wipe the water with a dry clean cloth. Every time you want to apply the cream this should be the routine. This is because if you don’t wash your face well, you will apply the cream, on the contaminated skin. Every day you pass through dusty conditions, and there might be debris that will land on your face. You will not be able to see them if you check for them using the mirror. This debris might cause buildup and ultimately breakouts if you you apply without washing your face. Remember to rinse the cleanser off with clean water, because that ensures you have clean skin to work with and there's no buildup on the skin.


Confirm The Cream You Are Using is Compatible with Your Skin


We have different skin types, and therefore manufacturers will produce different creams meant for different skin types. Therefore, always confirm that the ingredients used are compatible with your skin type. For sensitive skin use a milder bleaching cream and for skin that isn't so sensitive for faster results a stronger lightening formula may be a possibility.  This will help to make sure you get results within the shortest time possible. Different skin types will need different ingredients to make them both healthy and glowing, and react differently to different ingredients therefore this is the reason why we have different creams for different skin types. You can apply a small patch of the cream on your skin and leave it there for some time in order to do a patch test. 

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Don’t Over Do it, and Don’t Forget to Do it


For better results, you should apply the bleaching cream as advised in the directions provided by the company for best results (most of the time these instructions are found on the back of the product).  You should not forget to apply the skin bleaching cream if you want the best results that you can get. Secondly, you should not overdo it. Your skin needs time to recover, and therefore you should not do it more often than advised. Therefore, understand the instructions first to avoid costly mistakes. These are sometimes irreversible, and will not result in a better outcome.


Most skin bleaching products are supposed to be used alone and not combined with other lines or skin care products to avoid undesirable results. Therefore it might be advisable to apply skin bleaching cream when you are indoors or at night and if you must go out in the daytime to use sun protection at all times.

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