Fading Dark Spots on African American Facial Skin

Fading Dark Spots on African American Facial Skin

Different skin types, tones, and textures may require different treatments for dark spot removal.  African American skin tends to be thicker, have harder to lighten hyperpigmentation, and may not burn as easily as lighter tones.  Here is how you can lighten dark spots on the face if you have African American skin because going makeup free should be an option for everyone regarding of your skin tone.

How to Fade Dark Spots on the Face

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1. Exfoliate at least once a week with a brightening exfoliating scrub to make sure that all dead skin is removed from the surface of the face so that it lightens evenly and the skin lightening cream that is applied works efficiently.  Using a brightening scrub ensures that there are both physical and natural exfoliants working together to get the best result possible.

2.  Use the kojic acid bar once daily along with the exfoliating glove for the face in the morning and just the kojic bar alone at night daily to make sure that the skin is kept clean at all times and well exfoliated.  

3. After cleansing the skin, use a brightening toner to deep clean, refresh, and further prepare the skin for efficient hyperpigmentation and dark spot removal.

Tonique customer before and after

4. Apply a dime sized amount skin lightening cream evenly to the face and make sure to leave it on for at least 8 hours.  This is one of the most important steps and will give you the flawless, glowing skin that you ultimately desire.

5. During the day, use a tinted brightening sunscreen to ensure that the skin doesn't tan.  A tinted, physical sunscreen that also brightens the skin protects it from sun damage, tanning, and is the best sunscreen that you can use.

These steps can also be used to lighten hyperpigmentation on the face such as melasma, sun damage, burns, and any other forms of darkening of the skin.  For more information on how someone with African American skin can lighten hyperpigmentation contact us via live chat and speak with a knowledgeable skin care representative 24/7!


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