Holiday Regimen for Flawless Skin

November 29, 2018

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Flawless skin for the holidays?  No problem, it can be yours in no time with this skin care regimen.  Here's a step by step regimen to have skin that you don't have to hide with loads of makeup just in time for the holidays.


woman cleansing face

Starting with a clean base is so important for a lot of things, not just skin but, it is especially important when trying to remove hyperpigmentation in order to have skin that is flawless.  Clean skin is the first step to having healthy, glowing skin so be sure to wash with a quality cleanser daily (in the morning and evening) and take special care to remove all traces of makeup.


Exfoliate using a brightening facial scrub once a week (for sensitive skin) or every other day after cleansing (once a day).  There is no need to tone and exfoliate on the same day.  Your toner contains chemical exfoliants or natural acids which help to brighten and exfoliate and your exfoliant (scrub, gloves, etc.) will do the same thing in a different way so, in order to avoid over exfoliating do not use both the toner and scrub on the same day.


Tonique toner

On the days that you do not exfoliate, use a toner (twice a day).  This is especially important for those with sensitive skin that are prone to breakouts.  The reason for this is it helps to get the pores squeaky clean, to ensure they don't become clogged leading to yet another breakout and more dark spots.  So don't skip using your toner at least once daily.

Apply Skin Lightening Cream

woman applying skin cream

Twice daily after cleansing, toning, or exfoliating, apply a dime sized amount of natural skin lightening cream to the entire face in the morning and at night after cleansing.  Make sure to apply it to the entire face so that the skin lightens evenly.  

Use Sunscreen (Daytime only)

After applying a skin lightening cream wait for 5-10 minutes and apply a brightening sunscreen.  Using a physical sunscreen is what is recommended with our products.


For more information on how you can have flawless skin live chat with us on this website 24/7 for assistance from a knowledgeable skin care expert.


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