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How Do I Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Skin?

Dark spots on the skin can be hard to get rid of.  Most of the time dark spots on the face and body don't just go away on their own and it takes great products and sometimes a bit of effort to get rid of them.  In this article we'll tell you how to get rid of them and how to make sure that they don't come back.

Getting Rid of Dark Spots on the Face

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This is a very common issue and affects both men and women and people of skin tones.  It can be very distressing can cause one to be self conscious and feel as if they may have to wear makeup daily and even just to run the smallest errand.  This may feel necessary if you have a face full of dark spots or hyperpigmentation, this doesn't have to be the case and there are products and regimens that will help to get rid of hyperpigmentation in no time.

Facial Regimen for Dark Spot Removal:

1. Exfoliate using a brightening facial scrub at least once a week.

2. Cleanse using a gentle brightening facial cleanser twice daily.

3. Apply quality skin lightening cream.

4. Use sunscreen if going out during the day.


Getting Rid of Dark Spots on the Body

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There are several things that may cause dark spots on the body.  These include acne, an inflamed area, surgery scars, sun damage, and more.  Getting rid of the hyperpigmentation on the body requires a more concentrated formula because of the thickness of the skin on the body.

Regimen for Dark Spot Removal from the Body:

1. Exfoliate once a day using a kojic acid bar and exfoliating cloth, once a day use only the kojic acid bar and a regular washcloth to cleanse the skin.

2. Apply a skin lightening moisturizing lotion made for the body.

3. Apply sunscreen or cover areas being lightened by clothing.


For more information on how to get rid of dark spots and other hyperpigmentation on both the face and the body, live chat with a representative 24/7 on this website.


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