How do you treat hyperpigmentation?

How do you treat hyperpigmentation?

Many people don't know that areas of darkness, or darker than the areas of surrounding skin is called hyperpigmentation.  Dark spots, sun damage, melasma as a result of child birth or hormonal birth control, etc. are all examples of hyperpigmentation.

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation

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There are different ways to treat hyperpigmentation.  It really depends on what type it is and how long it has been on the skin to know which treatment to use.  The treatments that are used may vary depending on if the dark patches are a result of a breakout versus whether it is hormonal, or maybe caused due to injury.  

For instance, a milder facial lightening treatment may be required for the face if you have dark spots that are as a result of acne or a more concentrated skin lightening creme for melasma caused by acne.  Skin lightening treatments for the body (below the neck) will also vary.  A milder skin lightening body lotion may be required or a more concentrated body lightening cream may be required due to how dark the skin is in comparison to the surrounding skin.

It's best to consult with a knowledgeable skin care expert to determine how the dark patches were caused and what the best treatment is to remove them.

Sun Protection

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One of the best ways to keep darkening of the skin at bay is to apply sunscreen daily and regularly.  This is important because tanning due to sun exposure makes sun damage even darker and darkens dark spots, or areas of the skin that are already darker with repeated exposure to the harsh rays of the sun without protection.  

Even while wearing sunscreen it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure for long periods of time especially while using skin lightening products.  Exposing your skin to direct sunlight for more than 15 minutes is strongly discouraged.  If you must be out in the sun, wear a wide brimmed hat, carry a parasol, or keep any areas of hyperpigmentation covered with clothing.

For more information on the best treatment to use and how to remove hyperpigmentation live chat with a skin care expert on this site 24/7.


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