How to Avoid Tanning While Removing Dark Spots

How to Avoid Tanning While Removing Dark Spots

Tanning can be a major problem when it gets hot outside and even when the weather is cooler because of the harsh rays of the sun.  If you're trying to lighten dark spots or hyperpigmentation, a few minutes of direct sunlight without sun protection can undo your results and make your skin appear even more blotchy and uneven.  As we know removing dark spots, sun damage, melasma, and other types of hyperpigmentation takes a dedicated skin care regimen and you want to avoid undoing all of this by limiting sun exposure at all costs.  In order to avoid tanning, make sure that your skin is protected at all times during the day and that you don't stand in direct sunlight for more than 10-15 minutes even with sunscreen on.  

How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

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Protection from the sun comes in many forms including sunscreen, protective devices like parasols, and even clothing.  These forms of sun protection don't guarantee that you won't tan but in conjunction with being careful not to stand in the direct rays of the sun for long periods, you can stay flawless all year round.

A parasol can be a very useful way to protect your skin from tanning when the sun's rays are hottest and harshest.  Whenever the sun is shining and here is a chance that you may be out and about, just carry a parasol or umbrella with you and flip it open to avoid burning and tanning.

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Sunscreen is another very important tool in order to avoid tanning and protect the skin from the sun's harsh rays.  Making a habit of wearing sunscreen daily in any exposed areas is a good place to start.  Reapplying every 2 hours after sweating or outdoor swimming is also important to avoid tanning and possible damage to the skin from the sun.  The habit of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is one that should be practiced whether it is hot or cold outside.  Wearing a physical sunscreen that is tinted, works well to protect your skin and does not leave a white caste on the skin to give you care free protection from the sun at all times and that won't leave you looking like a ghost.  Also, make sure to wait 5-10 minutes after applying skin lightening cream to put on your sunscreen.  Did you know that even in the Winter, the suns rays can still tan the skin?  Even when it is raining it is possible to get sunburn so, make wearing sunscreen a part of your daily habit.  

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Did you know that there is such a thing as clothing with an spf factor?  This just means that it protects the skin from direct sunlight, tanning, and sunburn.  This is something that is probably incorporated your swimwear and workout gear already so, make it a part of your sun protection arsenal.  If you'll be out in the daytime don't be afraid to throw on some long sleeved workout gear to protect your arms from the sun.  Also, consider making a sun hat and sunglasses a part of your defense agains tanning and sunburn and for overall good long term health.

For more information on how to protect your skin from tanning and sun damage, speak with one of our knowledgeable skin care experts on the Tonique site via live chat 24/7.  


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