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If you're a woman or man and have lost a large amount of weight, or been pregnant, you probably have stretch marks to some degree, which are little red lines, or large red lines, which can be quite unsightly.

While it's a natural thing, it would obviously be good if you could get rid of them somehow. If you have really white skin, it's not that hard at all to fix.

By doing a skin whitening treatment with the Tonique line, you can just apply the cream to the area, and that should be enough to bleach the red marks white, and also the surrounding skin.

If you are naturally darker in skin tone, sometimes you may find that other more mild skin whitening products don't work as well. For you in order to lighten darker stretch marks we recommend a strong lightening package.

The most famous example of a bleaching treatment like this is Michael Jackson. He had a condition called hypo-pigmentation or vitiligo, which left him with large patches of skin with no pigment in them.

He was both black and white at the same time, so he made the decision to go completely white, and that covered up the white patches, because the surrounding skin was made the same color.

The chemical he used was hydroquinone, in a prescription cream, but it has been shown that long term use of that chemical can have bad side effects.

The skin lightening products from the Tonique line contain the active ingredients alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, and sepiwhite MSH.

Who Is Tonique Skin Care?

The company is located in Maryland USA, and so all products have to pass the strict regulations of the FDA. The ingredients that are used are safe and effective, and do not require a prescription.

If you have any questions about how to get the results you're looking for, send an email to and perhaps include a photo of yourself and the area you want to bleach.

To buy, go to the product description page, in the top menu, and pay via credit card, using the payment buttons. We ship worldwide and can have any products to you anywhere in the world within 5 days.

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