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Getting lighter skin is easy if you know what to do. The basics of skin lightening include exfoliation, lightening, moisturizing the skin, building the skin up, and protecting the skin from the elements. If these steps are followed consistently you can achieve a lighter skin with patience and the right products.

The Basics of Skin Lightening


Exfoliation is the first step in the lightening process. This will help you to lighten the skin, remove blemishes, prevent wrinkles, etc. This can be done many ways but using the Triple Whitening Exfoliating Bar is an excellent way to gently exfoliate the skin. This bar contains exfoliating granules that gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and can be used on both the body as well as the face. You can also invest in exfoliating gloves, a korean cloth, etc. to use along with the exfoliating bar and gently scrub the skin with it at least 3 times per week.

Also, doing occasional peels such as lactic or glycolic acid peels can also get you better results. It is important not to over exfoliate the skin so, you do have to be patient with your skin in this respect. Take it easy and be gentle with the skin even while exfoliating so that it doesn't get irritated as this can hamper your results.

Lightening is the second step and would include applying a topical agent to inhibit melanin production. It is best to use a natural product such as the 10x cream for the face and green tea lotion with aloe for the body and avoid chemical preparations in order to protect and preserve the skin. It is best to incorporate a lightening agent into your regimen both in the morning and evening for best results. Use a good natural lightening cream that also moisturizes the skin as well because skin that is well moisturized lightens better and is healthier.

Keeping the skin moisturized is another important step in both lightening and the health of the skin. Though skin lightening isn't necessarily associated with healthy skin both, can be achieved simultaneously by keeping the skin moisturized. This is done by using natural skin lightening products that include ingredients that also moisturize the skin with continued use.

The building of the skin is also another important step in skin lightening. Exfoliating regularly and using natural acids such as aha's encourage cell turnover but for certain skin types can cause thinning of the skin. Using skin preparations that contain collagen, elastin, and other skin building elements help to reinforce the structure of the skin and make it stronger. Strong skin equals healthy skin which equals skin that is lighter, brighter, and glowing.

Protection is the last and one of the most important steps to lightening the skin. If you do all of the steps outlined above and achieve a good skin lightening result and then go out into the sun for a prolonged period of time without protection the skin will tan, which is the opposite of what you want. Whether it is a sunny day, cloudy, or even raining outside it is important to use a physical sunblock that contains zinc oxide. Stay away from chemical sunblocks as they are not good for the skin in general but a sunblock containing zinc oxide is great to use daily in the day whether you are lightening the skin or not. Even if you're using a good physical sunblock it is important to avoid the rays of the sun as much as possible while lightening and take a good vitamin D supplement. Even though you have sunblock on that may prevent tanning if you go out in the day it cannot fully protect the skin from tanning if you stand out in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Lightening the skin naturally can be done over time to give a more natural appearance using patience and perseverance. By applying a natural skin whitening agent and protecting, moisturizing, and strengthening the skin you can also have not only a lighter skin tone but a healthier and glowing one too. For more information on which natural skin lightening agent is right for you contact us through live chat 24/7 or you can send us an email at .

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