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How to Get the Best Skin of Your Life: Breaking Down the Morning Skincare Regimen

It seems that in the world of beauty and skincare, there is always something new hitting the shelves. There are so many different trends that it can be hard to keep up, and with buzzwords such as glowy and anti aging plastered all over the lotions and potions, it can seem overwhelming to find something that actually works for your specific skin type.

Luckily, skincare doesn't have to be a complex equation to solve. All you have to do is educate yourself on some skincare basics, build a small skincare product arsenal, and develop a daily skincare regimen that works for you. If you do that, then you'll soon have the best skin of your life.

The first step in your skincare journey is to create a routine that you can easily stick to every day and night. Here we explain what everyone should use, during the morning, to get perfect skin.

An Anti Aging Morning Skincare Routine
Your day and night routines differ simply because you'll need lighter products for daytime wear. The basics of a daily skincare regimen could include:
    • Step one: A mild cleanser
      As much as it can feel nice to exfoliate your skin every morning, this can cause redness and increase your skin's oil production. So leave the exfoliants for every three days or so and use a mild cleanser in its place. If you have oily skin, a foam or a gel works great, whereas if you have dry skin, choose a cream.

    • Step two: A toner
      Think of your toner as the rinse cycle for your skin. When applied gently via a cotton pad, it removes all impurities that you may have missed when washing. At the same time, the best toners will balance your skin's pH levels.

    • Step three: Whitening facial products
      No matter if this is a serum or an oil, whitening facial products should always be applied before the day cream so they can really absorb into the skin and get rid of any skin imperfections. There are plenty of different causes of dark spots and uneven skin tone such as hyperpigmentation, sun exposure, hormones, and acne scars. Likewise, there are plenty of different whitening products to choose from.

    • Step four: A day cream
      You'll want something nice and light for the day. You can even use whitening facial products in the form of a day cream if you'd like to work double-duty on those more noticeable dark spots.

  • Step five: Sun protection
    No routine is complete without sun protection of some kind. Make sure to apply these products last so it doesn't get wiped off when you're applying all the steps above.
The best morning skincare routines don't feel like a chore. Instead, your morning skin regimen can be a chance to pamper yourself and start the day right.

Finally, remember that no daily anti aging skincare routine is complete without a nightly routine to follow! So keep an eye out for our next blog, which will go through the different steps and products to incorporate into your nightly skin care regimen.

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