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How to Get the Best Skin of Your Life: Breaking Down the Nightly Skincare Regimen

In our previous post, we explained the importance of a good morning skin care regimen. But, as we mentioned, no perfect morning skin care routine is complete without a nightly counterpart! 

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You may be wondering why there is a need for both a morning and nightly routine. Since different skin care products have different consistencies, some work the best at night. As an added bonus, they won't leave you with an icky feeling on your face as you go about your daily activities.

Here we break down the skincare products everyone should use during their nightly routine.

  • Step one: A mild cleanser and makeup remover
    If you follow one skin care rule, then let it be this: you need to always, always remove makeup before you go to bed. Sleeping in makeup will only lead to clogged pores, irritated skin, and a dry, flaky feel. Luckily, there are some cleansers you can use at night that can clean your face completely without any additional rubbing and tugging. We recommend that you look for cleansers with a milky, creamy consistency.

  • Step two: A toner
    The best way to think of a toner is as a rinse cycle for your face -- it gets rid of all extra dirt and debris you may have missed while washing. Toner also helps to prepare your skin for absorbing serums, lotions, and creams.

  • Step three: Whitening facial products
You should always apply your skincare products in the order of thinnest to thickest. Whitening facial products are usually thinner because of their concentration of Vitamin C, so make this your third step. And don't think you're too young to start using these products as sunspots and dark marks can start showing up as early as your 20s.

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  • Step four: Serum
    This step is where you start to use your anti aging skin care products. A serum will give you a potent dose of anti aging ingredients, such as retinol, that will work in conjunction with a matching night cream.

  • Step five: Night cream
    Ideally, your night cream should match your serum in terms of what you want it to do for your skin. Night creams are also very thick and emollient, so keep this in mind when applying.

Night repair anti-aging creme

  • Step six: Eye cream
    Last but not least is the eye cream. It should only be applied using your ring finger, as this finger gives off the most gentle amount of pressure. No anti aging skin care routine is complete without eye cream as this night cream can ensure your dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under your eyes stay as far away as possible.
Remember, it is never too early to start incorporating anti aging skin care products into your nightly routine. Think of your nightly routine as a method of prevention -- after a few weeks of consistent use, you'll soon be looking into the fountain of youth!

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