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How To Go Makeup Free and Love Your Skin

Going makeup free can be a big decision but having glowing skin underneath your makeup possible and can happen faster than you think!  Glowing and bright skin does require some effort and consistency on your part but can be done using the correct and quality products.

Remove Your Makeup

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Have you ever been super tired and forget to remove your makeup before going to bed?  This can reek havoc on your skin and cause breakouts that result in dark marks, blemishes, and less than desirable skin when you remove your makeup.  Make sure that you remove your makeup either using cleansing cloths that are designed to do so or a bit of coconut oil and then wash your skin using a gentle cleanser.  After cleansing, apply your skin lightening cream or anti-aging cream.

Exfoliate Weekly

Getting into the habit of exfoliating is one of the best things that you can do for your skin.  Makeup can cause a lot of buildup on the skin, which can cause breakouts, etc.  It is important to manually exfoliate and get rid of this buildup at least weekly.  By using a brightening facial scrub, not only do you get rid of the dead skin cells and old product on the surface of the skin but you will have brighter and smoother skin that is looks great with or without makeup.


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Many brands of makeup nowadays offer protection from the sun or you can choose to put sunscreen or sunblock underneath your skin makeup after your favorite skin lightening cream.  Some people even choose to apply a skin lightening or anti-aging product and then apply makeup over it which helps for a smoother application of your makeup and you'll be working on creating glowing and more youthful skin underneath your makeup.  It's a win, win!

Choose Your Makeup Wisely

There are many brands of makeup that do not use the best ingredients for your skin.  While makeup may offer you the smooth look that you're after, they're not doing your skin justice and making things under your foundation or concealer even worse.  Choose a good, quality, and trusted makeup brand when you can.

Allow Your Skin To Breathe

after cleansing with tonique gentle cleanser

Makeup isn't made to be worn 24/7.  Allow your skin to breathe by using minimal makeup on the weekends or on vacation, or even when you won't be going out in the general public.  Try to keep the skin cleansed and just your favorite skin lightening cream or brightening anti-aging cream on while at home, your skin will thank you.  If you'll be running a quick errand do not apply a full face of theatre makeup just to run and pick up a few things, a bit of powder and lip gloss is just fine.

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