How to Have Flawless Skin This Winter

How to Have Flawless Skin This Winter

Flawless skin does not have black spots, dark patches, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, melasm, or imperfections that have to be covered up by makeup.  It is skin that is smooth, soft, even toned, and gorgeous all by itself and that doesn't require makeup.


Which Products to Use for Even Toned, Flawless Skin

Many products claim to even the skin tone but don't do what they claim to or can take forever to even out your dark patches.  Our products are made to even tone and lighten all skin tones, types, and textures and produce nothing less than flawless, even toned skin that looks and feels like perfection.

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-Here's a facial regimen for a flawless, even tone free of hyperpigmentation and that lightens 2-3 shades:

1. Wash using a gentle cleanser and exfoliating gloves in the morning and only the gentle cleanser at night.

2. Apply a skin lightening cream after cleansing twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

3. In the daytime only, wait five minutes after application of the skin lightening cream and apply a sunscreen.

4. Once a week use a brightening scrub, before washing the face with the gentle cleanser.


-A regimen for flawless skin on the body:

flawless body

1. Once a day, wet an exfoliating cloth and rub the kojic acid bar against it to work it into a nice lather.  Use this to wash and gently scrub the skin of the body (from the neck down).  Leave on for 30-60 seconds.  For the second cleansing, apply the kojic acid bar to a washcloth and use the washcloth to cleanse the body.

2. Twice daily, apply a moisturizing and lightening body lotion all areas below the neck, being careful to try your best to apply it evenly.

3. In the daytime hours, make sure to cover all areas that are being treated with either sunscreen or clothing to avoid tanning of these areas.


 Make sure to practice this regimen consistently and the skin will be even toned, free of dark spots and marks, glowing, and beautiful.  For more information on which products to use and how to use them contact a knowledgeable skin care specialist via live chat at any time.



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