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How to Lighten Dark Lips

Lips can darken as a result of many factors and it can be a hard area to lighten to a lighter tone.  Dark lips are sometimes a result of smoking, sun damage, or even genetics.  In order to lighten darker lips it is important to use a product formulated specifically for dark lip lightening.

Dark Lip Lightening 

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Pink, pouty, and supple lips are some of the most desirable and highly sought after features today.  If you have darker lips you may want to look for a way to lighten them.  There are some formulas on the market that claim to do this, but instead they just cover the lips with a pink pigment just as a lip gloss would do. In other words, certain products that claim to lighten the lips are simply pigmented lip products, so for the best results, you need an advanced lip lightening formula that targets hyperpigmentation on the lips, which will gradually lighten them. 

A good formula for lightening the lips both moisturizes and lightens the lips.  A good lip lightening formula is generally also applied several times daily, and can even be applied under lipstick or lipgloss to effectively moisturize and lighten the lips.

How to Make the Lips Pink

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While attempting to lighten the lips, it is important that you stop doing whatever may have caused it to darken.  Another important point is to be sure to keep the lips moist by using the lip lightening formula several times throughout the day, applying it just as you would a regular lip balm. Though our formula will lighten the lips even if you smoke, the formula's efficacy will be heightened if you stop for instance.  If the issue is sun damage, consider using a good quality sunscreen over your lip formula daily to protect the lips from tanning while they are lightening.

Again, the lips can be a difficult area to lighten, but once you have soft, smooth, rosy pink lips you won't regret your decision.

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