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How to Lighten Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be both a blessing and a curse....  Why you ask?  The reason is because your body tells you right away what it likes and what it doesn't by breaking out but it can be difficult to find products that will lighten hyperpigmentation without causing acne.  The good news is, it can be done, but the bad news is that you can just use any old product on your skin, you have to use quality products with natural ingredients.

Lightening Sensitive Skin Types

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Any and all skin types can be sensitive, whether your skin is oily, normal, dry, or combination though it may be no secret that the oilier your skin the more likely you are to suffer a breakout.  Lightening sensitive skin requires a delicate and sometimes slower approach so, be prepared to take it slow and steady, to win the race to gorgeous skin!

1. Cleanse the skin daily

Cleansing is an important part of any skin care routine but what you use to cleanse if you have sensitive skin can be just as important as keeping the skin clean.  Use a gentle cleanser daily for the face daily and for the body (since it doesn't tend to be as sensitive nor acne prone) using a kojic acid bar is okay.

2. Use a toner

For acne prone skin types, dry skin, or more sensitive skin use a gentle brightening toner daily after cleansing the face.  Apply a toner using a cotton ball and upward strokes to get rid of any dirt and debris on the face that is left after washing.

3. Apply a skin whitening cream or lotion

20x gel creme for sensitive skin

Apply a skin whitening cream or lotion that is indicated for use on sensitive skin types.  A dime sized amount of the cream should be fine and make sure it contains natural ingredients.  This is the best kind of formula for use on sensitive and acne prone skin types.

4. Apply sunscreen

Using a non-comedogenic sunscreen (spf 30 and above) is important when using skin whitening products.  When unprotected skin is exposed to direct sunlight without protection, it will tan and reverse any and all lightening effects of your skin whitening cream.  Another important thing to remember is to avoid long periods of sun exposure **even with** sunscreen on so, stay out of the sun for long periods of time with or without sun protection on.


Questions on how to lighten sensitive skin or wondering which product is for you, click on the chat icon and ask a senior skin care specialist now.

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