How to Remove Melasma

How to Remove Melasma

Melasma Removal

How to Remove MelasmaThe skin is the largest organ or body part of the human body. It covers the entire body and protects you from the outer environment. But on the face this skin becomes as a sign of your identity. People mostly judge you after first meeting you by your face, its expression and your style. Everyone puts a huge effort into making the skin flawless.  But it’s nature's rule that as you get older various changes become visible on your face like dark brown spots, freckles and wrinkles. Dark brown patches on the facial skin are a sign of melasma that may or may not be related to overexposure to the sun.

Melasma Related Confusion

Melasma is not only related to sun exposure but and also be related to the hormonal changes that take place in your body. These hormonal changes may be links to any specific medication, pregnancy, or even hormone changes that happen as we grow older.  These changes can cause a short term discoloration of the skin or it can cause melasma to remain on the face long term.  Once the cause of the melasma is identified and treated it may or may not disappear. If it does not disappear this is a good time to use a high quality, all natural skin whitening cream.


Melasma Removal Methods

Methods of the melasma removal are very basic and most of the time just require your time, attention, and being consistent with treatment. These methods should ensure that by the end of the process you've cleared your face of the dark patches of skin that melasma causes.



Skin lightening agents mostly come in the form of creams. You can purchase many kind of lightening creams but not all creams are made equal.  If you do not know what you're purchasing you can easily get something that is damaging to your skin and most importantly you health.  It is better to trust your skin to a retailer that's been in business for over 10 years and that has a good reputation. Some of these creams contain 2% bleaching agent, which is the active lightening agent or you can choose a product with natural ingredients that will not harm your health in any way. Both will remove all your dark spots and hyper pigmentation too. Your skin becomes lighter in tone through use of these kinds of products.



Sunscreen is not just the safeguard but can be the cure for melasma. Its daily use as during the daytime is a very important step towards removing melasma.  It will protects your skin from sun damage but also repair the damaged areas. Daily application of sunscreen  is necessary for better results.



Using Glycolic Acid to Remove Melasma

A specific concentration of glycolic acid is required for better results. In excess it can cause redness and irritation to the skin so the product that you use must be ph balanced and effective. It is basically used to fade your dark brown spots including freckles. Sometimes peels using glycolic acid can also very useful but not for darker skin tones. It can be applied over the damaged areas before sleeping or by using a product that contains glycolic acid in combination with other ingredients.



Hydroquinone is the best and well-known medication for the melasma. Hydroquinone fades your dark brown spots and provides you with spotless skin but is banned is some countries due to the harm it can cause to the skin. Some dermatologists' choose to remove the upper skin layer either laser or through chemical peeling which can be painful. Other sources may include dermabrasion which can cause much discomfort but in this way your skin becomes free of melasma. These processes are expensive, painful, and lengthy too.  You do have to continue to do these things until the desired results occur so these painful processes may have to be repeated again and again.



A home remedy in which apple cider is being mixed with water to make it diluted. Application on the affected areas for almost three minutes. Remove it through wet cotton and repeat this process twice a day. Apple cider vinegar is very acidic in nature. It acidity removes your upper damaged skin layer and provide you melasma free skin. It will also lighten your skin tone and make it glowing with smoothness. You can also apply onion and lemon juice for melasma cure.  This also can cause soreness and over exfoliation which can also result in hyperpigmentation.



Melasma removal

 Mostly melasma is linked with fluctuations in your hormones. Many people use hormone replacement pills for different purposes but use of these pills can cause melasma. Most of the time this type of melasma just requires stopping of these pills. As the medication stops, mostly likely the dark patches will disappear.

The methods detailed here will address any questions that you may have regarding melasma removal. You can now treat it either at home or by visiting dermatologist. Both will clear your face and lighten your skin tone. But as your skin clears and becomes healthy again, it is imperative to use sunscreen daily. Always apply sunscreen to the exposed areas of the body. It protects your skin from damaging UV rays and should be used consistenly.

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