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How to Remove Sun Damage or a Permanent Tan

Sun damage can be permanent and it is known as a permanent tan aka permatan.  All three of these terms just refer to sun damage that remains on the surface of the skin unless a strict skin care regimen for hyperpigmentation removal is followed.  For some a sun tan is the result years outside in the sun playing sports, working, etc. without sun protection while for others it can take just a short vacation to get a tan that won't fade without a good skin care routine.

How to Remove a Permanent Sun Tan

Even though it can be difficult to remove sun damage or tan that never seems to for away, there are things that you can do to remove it.  If you follow the steps below you will be rid of sun damage before you know it.

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First and foremost it is important to use sunscreen daily.  After applying your skin lightening product wait about 5 minutes and then use a good brightening sunscreen.  If you're only using your skin lightening cream at night however,  make sure to still apply sunscreen during the day.  Using sunscreen however, will not prevent the skin from tanning if you are out in direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Sunscreen will filter the sun's rays so that you will not tan as much but will not protect the skin from tanning 100%.  So even while wearing sunscreen,  limit exposure to direct sunlight to 10-15 minutes or even consider carrying a parasol with uv protection if you'll be outdoors on a sunny day for a long period of time.

Second and also another very important step is to use a good natural skin lightening cream.  If the tan you're trying to remove is on the face, make sure to use a skin lightening cream that's made specifically for the face, if the area you're trying to even tone is on the body, try using a body lightening lotion that is specifically made for that area.  Application twice daily (once in the morning and once at night) will have the best results, even though you should still have good results with application just once a day at night.  It is important to note that not all skin lightening creams are the same, so choose one that is effective and that won't compromise your health.

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Cleansing and exfoliating daily or every other day will help to speed up results and get you even better results than just cleansing and applying a skin lightening cream alone.  Try using a cleanser for the face and a cleansing bar for the body that also helps exfoliate for best results.  This should be done at the most once a day, and right before applying your skin lightening cream.  If you'll be applying it twice a day, just using a regular washcloth or your hands to apply the cleanser will suffice.

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