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Hyper-pigmentation Removal in the Fastest Time PossibleHyper-pigmentation is something that many people suffer from.  Sometimes it causes people to feel uncomfortable leaving their house without tons of makeup on or just causes one to feel self conscious when they have face to face contact with others and feel they may be "staring" at their uneven skin tone.  Due to this self conscious feeling many seek out ways of ridding their skin of dark spots and evening their skin tone.  This does not have to be a permanent "curse" and can be removed with time, patience, and tenacity.



Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which helps to begin the process of evening the skin tone and helping your natural skin whitening products to work a lot better.  It is important to exfoliate daily or every other day using either a physical or chemical exfoliant.  This is great for the skin and can be done whether you're trying to lighten a dark patch of skin or not.  Exfoliation on its own sometimes is so effective that you do not have to apply any other product to even the skin and get rid of a dark patch.


Applying a Skin Whitening Product

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If you find that exfoliating alone does not do the "trick" it is time to seek out something stronger or more effective.  The best way to get rid of more stubborn hyper-pigmentation is to apply a quality natural skin whitening or lightening product (please keep in mind that these are generally one in the same).  Using a quality skin whitening product stops the production of melanin in the skin which is the pigment that determines how light/dark our skin is and with overproduction can cause dark patches on the skin or uneven skin tone.

After exfoliating allow the skin to air dry and then apply a quality natural skin whitening product that specializes in the removal of dark patches of skin such as melasma, dark circles, sun damage, and age spots, etc.  The most effective products ask for application at least twice daily, once in the morning and once at night in order for them to work properly.  The good news is that if used as directed your dark patches will be a thing of the past in a very short period of time and if you do not lighten beyond your natural tone and use sun protection regularly it is a permanent result.

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