ingredients that can be used for hyperpigmentation removal

Ingredients That Can Be Used for Hyperpigmentation Removal



Looking for the product that can treat our hyperpigmentation can be frustrating. According to the reports, this is one of the major skin concerns of most women. Skin discoloration can happen if there is an excessive production of melanin. You will notice that some areas of your skin will be darker compared to the surrounding skin. It can also be due to hormonal fluctuation and insect bites. You need to find a hyperpigmentation removal product that can address the root cause of your skin problem.


Different Ingredients Used for Hyperpigmentation Removal

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How effective a skin lightening product will be is defined by the combination of powerful and effective ingredients. Here are some of the ingredients used by Tonique for hyperpigmentation removal.


Undecylenoyl Phenylaline aka Sepiwhite MSH 

 20x facial lightening gel creme

Is a skin lightening ingredient that is extracted from plant lipids, natural, and extremely effective for skin lightening.  It is 20x more powerful than hydroquinone and can be used to lighten even the most stubborn and dark hyperpigmentation naturally and without any side effects.  For the best in hyperpigmentation removal and for glowing skin, use a facial lightening cream that contains this ingredient.





These skin lightening products also contains healing antioxidants. This is meant to protect your skin from environmental damage. It can also control the production of melanin that causes skin discoloration. By using this topically, it will prevent the formation of free radicals that makes the skin look dull. The antioxidants in Tonique are designed to treat melasma. They are also considered photo-protective which means they can help to guard agains skin cancers.


Kojic Acid

 kojic acid bar

Kojic Acid is extracted from different organic substances and fungi like mushrooms and soy. Kojic acid is one of the most preferred ingredients for hyperpigmentation removal. According to the study, this ingredient is more effective compared to hydroquinone, and it also comes with less side effects. It doesn’t come with long-term complications and irritation that is associated with using hydroquinone. It is also intended to manage the production of melanin. Kojic acid has been proven effective in reducing the visibility of brown spots, so a product like the kojic acid bar will help to begin the process of safely and effectively remove hyperpigmentation when used in conjunction with a skin lightening cream.


Vitamin C


The Vitamin C used by Tonique for hyperpigmentation removal is also known as L-ascorbic Acid. It is being used as an essential ingredient in whitening creams. It is also known as an antioxidant and has been successful in eliminating free radicals from the skin. Vitamin C is also used in maintaining the production of collagen and elastin which gives the extra added bonus of also being an ingredient used a lot in anti-aging creams.


Glycolic Acid


Another powerful ingredient for hyperpigmentation removal, Glycolic Acid, is a renowned member of the AHA Family (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). It is effective in treating freckles and hyperpigmentation. It is intended to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, that once removed, will reveal our brighter and newer skin cells. The glycolic acid found in Tonique skin care products is carefully formulated at the proper dosage to prevent skin irritation. Individuals who prefer to use a product with this ingredient will see a faster result compared to other products.

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