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Lightening Dark Personal Areas with Skin Whitening Cream

Warning!  This can be a touchy subject but it is something that needs to be discussed.  Personal areas can be darker than the rest of your skin because of many reasons.  Sometimes they are areas of friction, they can be hyperpigmented because of depilatories or shaving, surgical scars, etc.  These are areas that are sensitive so it is important to use products that aren't too harsh on these areas but products that lighten efficiently so as not to waste your money.

Lightening Dark Genitalia, Inner Thighs, and Butt

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Again, this is something that tends to make people blush but it does need to be discussed.  How do you lighten these areas and make them look good, without using strong, harsh chemicals in the areas? 

Here's How You Lighten Those Sensitive Areas:

1. Keep it clean.

Cleanse using a good skin lightening soap and exfoliating towel at least twice a day to keep these areas clean, free of debris, and to begin the lightening process.  Because they are areas of high friction and can become damp and sticky, keeping them clean allows for the best possible environment for lightening them.

 2. Apply a good skin whitening cream to the darker areas only.  

It is important to take care of lightening any darker areas before applying to the entire area so that it lightens easily.

3. Keep it covered and protected.  

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It can be tempting especially in the warmer months to expose these areas when you're going to be swimming or doing something that requires less clothing but, remember that these areas tan easily so, wear sunblock, don't expose them to direct sunlight for long periods of time and most importantly don't give into temptation to just lounge around unprotected from the sun because all of your hard work will be in vain if you allow these areas to tan for even 10 minutes.

If you follow these steps, before you know it you'll be ready to show these areas off at the beach without a second thought!


For more information on how to lighten darker personal areas contact us via live chat 24/7 to speak with an experienced skin care expert who can give you recommendations on which products work best for you and your skin.

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