Lightening Dark Spots on the Skin

Lightening Dark Spots on the Skin

At some point in everyone's life they will have to deal with dark spots or darker patches of skin which is also known as hyperpigmentation.  For some this condition is temporary while for some it is permanent unless they choose to lighten the area using a high quality skin care product.  We will show you how to lighten dark spots fast whether they are temporary or permanent and improve the health of the skin while doing so.  Conditions that can cause darker patches of skin or hyperpigmentation include melasma, chloasma, acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

How to Lighten Dark Patches on the Skin


Lightening a darker patch of skin can be a daunting task if the right products aren't used.  The key to doing this is to apply products that contain both exfoliating and lightening ingredients that work together to get below the surface of the skin to lighten hyperpigmentation more effectively.  Natural exfoliants include citric acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid.  When these natural exfoliants are combined with natural lightening ingredients like sepiwhite smh, alpha arbutin, licorice extract, and others incredible results can be achieved within a shorter period of time.  This can be achieved by using high quality products where both the lightening and exfoliating ingredients work in synergy along with moisturizers and other ingredients  that work to improve the health of the skin.  An example of this is a gel creme for the face that contains several natural skin whitening ingredients as well as exfoliants.

One of the most important factors in achieving the results that you want is consistency.  Consistent use of high quality products to lighten dark spots can fade them and completely remove them within a month or two.  Results depend on the severity of the areas that are being treated but consistent application is the key to the best results possible.

Applying Skin Whitening Products

Applying Natural Skin Whitening Products

It is best to apply skin whitening products both in the morning and the evening on the dark patches of skin for best results.  In the morning after application, it is important to also apply a sunblock of spf15 or above to protect the areas that you are lightening from the sun which can tan the areas significantly if exposed to the uv rays of the sun for even a few minutes.  Therefore, it will be counter productive to apply products to lighten a dark area, and then go out into the sun for long periods of time, even with sunblock on because sunblock doesn't completely stop tanning.  If the area of concern is below the neck sometimes it is much easier to keep the area covered with clothing.  If you will be applying skin whitening products to the face or neck, using a parasol is a great way to block sun rays and keep the skin protected so as not to compromise your results.

Living A Healthful Lifestyle

Healthy Eating for Skin Whitening

Another way to combat hyperpigmentation both during and after is to ensure that you're living healthfully.  Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables give your body the healthy fuel that it needs to perhaps avoid breakouts, and any other trigger that can leave you with residual hyperpigmentation.  Drinking lots of water helps to flush toxins that can lead to darkening or redarkening of the skin.  Living a healthy lifestyle is especially important after lightening the dark patches in order to prevent them from coming back and you having to repeat the entire process.

In short, using high quality natural skin whitening products, using sunblock daily and avoiding tanning, and living a healthful lifestyle can help with evening the skin tone and removing dark spots.

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