Lightening Dry, Oily, and Combination Skin

Lightening Dry, Oily, and Combination Skin

Different skin types require different levels of care in order to be glowing, healthy, and youthful.  For instance a drier skin type may require a different level of moisturize than an oily skin and combination skin.  Skin lightening is a very delicate process and should make the skin healthy and bright all while lightening hyperpigmentation.  

Lightening Dry Skin

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Dry skin requires moisture in order to make it healthy and in order for it to age well.  Drier skin types need more of a cream like formulation in order to lighten hyperpigmentation and nourish skin that may be in need of a little extra moisture.  This formulation should be creamy, make the skin feel smooth, and also lighten hyperpigmentation effectively.  For the face a good skin lightening cream is recommended and for the body a good skin lightening body lotion, for cleansing a kojic acid bar and exfoliating cloth for the body, and for the face a brightening cleanser.

Lightening Oily Skin

Oily skin tends to be acne prone and isn't always as easy to lighten.  This is because of buildup that may be on the surface of the skin if exfoliation isn't practiced so, for oilier skin types it is important to follow a dedicated skin care routine.   Exfoliating at least once a week is very important for oily skin whether you are lightening hyperpigmentation or not.  Oily skin types tend to have lots of buildup and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that can inhibit absorption of skin care products and exfoliating helps your skin lightening and any other skin care products to work better.  After using an exfoliating scrub, use a brightening cleanser featuring aha's and applying a good skin lightening gel creme is all that's left for the perfect skin care routine, and oh yeah, don't forget the sunscreen.

Lightening Combination Skin

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Combination skin can be a little more tricky to lighten because it can be both dry and oily at times, or even a combination of both at the same time.  The best approach to this would be to exfoliate, use a brightening toner, skin lightening gel creme, and sunscreen.  This way you'll be able to address all the issues for your skin type all while lightening hyperpigmentation effectively at the same time.


For more information on lightening hyperpigmentation and dry, oily, and combination skin live chat with one of our skin care experts live 24/7 on the Tonique website.

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