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Lightening Hyperpigmentation on the Toes, Knees, Elbows, and Knuckles

It's no secret that these areas on the body can be some of the hardest and most stubborn areas to lighten.  Most of them are areas of friction and experience friction often and throughout the day as well as exposure to sunlight.  These may be some of the reasons why they are likely the areas of the body that experience hyperpigmentation and are also the hardest to lighten.  For these areas a stronger skin bleaching formula is needed.

Lightening the Knees, Elbows, Knuckles, and Toes

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This is no easy task and it is not something that happens overnight.  You will likely have to use a formula that both peels and lightens these areas for maximum results and of course you will also have to apply it consistently, and last but not least make sure that the area is covered (protected by spf), and away from the sun as much as possible.  

Step by Step Instructions on How to Lighten Areas of Stubborn Hyperpigmentation on the Body

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1. The first thing that you want to do is make sure to get a cleanser that also aids in stopping the over production of melanin in those stubborn areas.  Using a cleansing bar that contains kojic acid will accomplish just that and is the first step to lightening this very dark and stubborn hyperpigmentation.  Using this type of cleanser with an exfoliating cloth will yield even better results.  You would first wet the exfoliating cloth, and then apply the cleanser directly to it use it to gently scrub the area(s) of concern.

2. Apply a strong bleaching treatment for the body twice daily.  Apply it only on the areas that are dark and hyper pigmented and make sure that it is left on for a minimum of eight hours.  If you're using it for the knuckles and wash your hands frequently, in the daytime using a lightening hand and body lotion frequently and use the strong bleaching treatment at night.  Wearing gloves to make sure that it doesn't come off without you knowing is also a good idea.  These areas are very hyperpigmented and stubborn so it is important that you follow these instructions to the letter.

3. Keep the areas protected.  Apply and spf of at least 30 daily to these areas.  The knuckles can be especially difficult if you drive to keep them out of the sun.  Apply spf to any areas that are exposed before gripping the steering wheel and also try driving gloves so that as much of the area is covered while driving as possible.  With the knees, elbows, and toes, during this process and for 1-2 months after it is important to keep these areas covered for maximum results.  It is important to remember there may be slight peeling of the areas and keeping the new, soft, and lightened skin underneath protected gives you the best chance of it not becoming hyperpigmented again.


For more information on how to lighten these and other darker areas of the body, or how to lighten hyperpigmentation or deal with other pigmentation problems, live chat with a knowledgeable skin care representative on this website 24/7 and we'd be glad to assist.


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