Melasma: How Can I Treat It?

Melasma: How Can I Treat It?

A major experience in life is a multitude of changes within the body, both internally and externally. Some of these possible changes can occur on the skin. There are a variety of skin issues that can occur, including melasma.


Melasma is characterized by dark patches usually appearing on the face. It can also appear on the back, neck, and arms, although this is less common. This condition most commonly affects pregnant women, though men can develop melasma as well. Melasma can be treated, although results may vary from person to person. The first step for attempting to lessen the appearance of melasma is a cleanser. A good cleanser helps prep the skin for the next steps in your skincare routine. For the lightening part of the routine, quality products must be used in order to achieve optimal results, such as the semi-custom gel crème for face and semi-custom gel crème for body.  Lastly, a sunscreen should be used daily to avoid losing any progress that has been made on lessening the appearance of melasma.


Melasma can be a stubborn skin condition to deal with. By using the proper products and developing a solid skincare routine, the appearance of melasma can be lessened significantly. For more information, feel free to chat with us 24/7 via Livechat on our website!

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