Natural Skin Whitening Products featuring Sepiwhite MSH

Natural Skin Whitening Products featuring Sepiwhite MSH

If you have any dark spots on your face, dark patches on your body, old acne scars or stretch marks, you’ve got to give Sepiwhite a try. It’ll be pleasantly surprising at how effective and fast Sepiwhite really is.  Exfoliating once every other day can make sepiwhite especially effective at lightening dark areas on both the face and the body.

What Is Sepiwhite?

After all, we’re all worried about the products that we use on our skin.

Sepiwhite is a skin whitening treatment, which is made from a mixture of natural amino acids, but it’s not exactly like the other amino acid treatments on the market, mainly because of its unique formula.

Natural skin whitening products featuring sepiwhite also contains other natural ingredients that are good for the skin like:

  • ginseng extract
  • purified sea water
  • rosemary extract
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin A
  • aloe Vera
  • hazelnut oil

Unlike some skin lightening treatments, mainly treatments prescribed by a dermatologist, Sepiwhite contains a lot of natural ingredients.  Formulations made with sepiwhite can also be used for an extended period of time without the worry of side effects or of redarkening.

Sepiwhite Gets Rid of the Dark Spots on the Face

You know those little dark spots that pop up on you face? The leftover acne scars, well, Sepiwhite can get rid of those, and it works for all skin types, tones, and textures.  Acne scars are inevitable but do not have to be long lasting if sepiwhite is used soon after they appear.

In fact, the spots get lighter pretty fast after using Sepiwhite, it works faster than something natural is generally expected to work. Sepiwhite also helps to even out skin tone a little bit around those spaces so the overall complexion looks more natural, even, and more flawless.  Evening out the skin tone is especially important in areas of patchiness or in conditions such as vitiligo which cause light and dark patches all over the body.

Sepiwhite for Stretch Marks

Sepiwhite is excellent for lightening dark stretch marks and helping them to blend in and appear less visible.  Formulas featuring sepiwhite are excellent for lightening stretch marks caused by pregnancy, rapid growth, and rapid weight gain.  Lightening stretch marks can be difficult but using sepiwhite to lighten stretch marks make the process a breeze.

Dark Spots on the Face and Body

Natural Skin Whitening

Sepiwhite can also work on dark spots on the face that are many years old and the stretch marks on your arms, shoulder and hips

After just a few weeks, considerable difference in the visibility of the dark spots and the stretch marks can be identified easily.


How Does Sepiwhite Work?

Sepiwhite works in a pretty unique way. Sepiwhite works by keeping certain skin cells in your body from making melanin – something your body makes on its own and leads to pigmentation.

What is melanin? Melanin is the element that gives your skin its color, and for the most part, it’s not a problem. But in areas where your skin is a different color or you’ve got spots, like stretch marks or old acne scars, you’ve got extra melanin.

Sepiwhite works by blocking melanin, and making those spots lighter and less visible in color to the naked eye.

If you'd like more flawless and even tone skin these formulations are the way to go with out damaging side effects, while maintaining the health of your skin and allowing for a health glow.

For questions on how our natural skin whitening products featuring sepiwhite can work for you and your skin type contact us via the live chat button our website or send us an email at

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