Natural Treatments for Hyperpigmentation

Natural Treatments for Hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation is one of the top skin problems suffered by many. For some, it's really burdensome because it never seems to go away or takes too long to fade. This long healing process can however be shortened by using safe, natural skincare products with active ingredients that work.


There are several causes of hyperpigmentation, the major one as a result of trauma like acne, eczema, rash and others collectively  known as Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. Trauma increases the production of melanin as the skin's way of protecting itself and if exposed to UV rays, the healing process takes longer and pigmentation gets worse. Don't fret, PIH happens to be the easiest type of hyperpigmentation to treat.


Other causes of hyperpigmentation are Primary Pigmentation Disorders (Melasma) and chronic sun exposure. Melasma occurs from over exposure to the sun and also as a result of hormonal triggers, thus very common during pregnancy in women. Not using a sun protection factor regularly can lead to hyperpigmentation eventually.


All of these forms of hyperpigmentation can however be treated with Tonique's natural skincare products. We have a range of products suited for treating hyperpigmentation with visible results in less than a week. A proper Cleanse and Moisturize technique using these products would get you the clear skin you desire.



Tonique kojic acid bar

First, is the Kojic Acid Bar infused with vitamin E. It treats the root cause of most hyperpigmentation problems like acne, brightens the skin and is the first step in the process of hyperpigmentation removal. It's major ingredients like kojic acid, sodium palmate, carrot oil make other products work even better. Use mornings and evenings for best result. Follow up with green tea body lotion for even better results.


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green tea lightening lotion for body


This lotion is formulated with green tea extract that evens out hyperpigmentation for a clearer skin and treats damage from UV rays. It also contains ingredients like licorice extract which is a melanin inhibitor and aloe vera juice. Use this lotion after a bath or before bed and you'd be sure to see hyperpigmentation fade in less than a week.


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10x Facial Cream


10x facial cream


The facial skin is much more sensitive than the rest part of the body which is why the 10x Facial Cream has specially been formulated for the face. It's made with purified sea water, aloe vera, active AHA amongst others. Daily use of this lightweight organic formula will leave the face evenly toned with visible result in 5 days.


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It would be pointless to treat hyperpigmentation with actual products that work without using a sun protection factor. Be sure to use at least an SPF 30 broad spectrum properly everyday alongside your Tonique natural products for faster results.


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