Organic Ingredients In Natural Skin Bleaching Cream that Will Remove Dark Spots

Organic Ingredients In Natural Skin Bleaching Cream that Will Remove Dark Spots

Dark spots before and afterWe cannot emphasize how important it is to maintain the health of your skin.  It is referred to as the largest organ in our body and serves as our first line of defense against infectious disease and harmful microorganism.  On the off chance that you spotted any hyperpigmentation aka pigmentation or dark spots, you need to find the best natural skin bleaching cream to avoid further damage on your skin.  To ensure the efficacy of the natural skin whitening products, here are some of the ingredients with an unmatched capacity to whiten the skin.


Organic Ingredients That Should Be in Your Natural Skin Lightening Cream


Citrus Extract

Orange peel and lemon juice (aka citric acid) has the ability to whiten the skin, albeit just using it alone may not give you the drastic result that you're after.  This product contains a high amount of Vitamin C which can stimulate the production of collagen that supports the firmness of our skin.  It is also a potent ingredient in protecting the skin against the harmful UV rays which causes pigmentation aka hyperpigmentation.  When this product is incorporated in the natural skin bleaching cream, it has the ability to mitigate the proliferation of the melanocytes.  The melanocytes are cells which manufacture melanin that lead to skin darkening.


 Kojic Acid

 Kojic Acid looks like a crystalline powder that is extracted from fungus that originally comes from Asia.  It has long been utilized in the country of Japan as a replacement for hydroquinone and has an active ingredient that fights against skin pigmentation.  Based on the study, the kojic acid has a significant impact in reducing hyper-pigmentation. This natural skin whitening product works by trapping the tyrosinase, which is responsible in producing melanin.  It is also a rich source of anti-oxidant that is ideal for the damaged skin.


Licorice Extract

The licorice has long been incorporated in the Chinese medicine since the old civilization.  It is commonly utilized to address different skin diseases.  In a study conducted during the early 90’s by a Japanese expert, he uncovered that Licorice has a substance called glabridin which is essential ingredient of the natural skin lightening cream.  The Glabridin has the capacity to absorb the UVB and the UVA rays which makes it a potent skin whitening ingredient.  It also has a huge impact in the production of melanin, reducing it in as much as 50% without damaging the cell.


Bearberry Extract

The leaf of the bearberry is commonly used as astringent in different cosmetic products.  It also contains an alpha Arbutin which is also contained in the Tonique line of products is a very effective ingredient in natural skin bleaching cream due to its ability to lighten the skin immediately.  A small portion (1%) of the alpha arbutin which is far less than is found in our products provides an immense skin lightening effect.  It also provides protection against the sun rays and reverses the signs of premature aging of the skin.

These are just some of the ingredients that you should consider when looking for the natural skin lightening cream.  They contain active substance that can induce skin whitening and prevent discoloration.


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