Products That Remove Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Products That Remove Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Dealing with hyperpigmentation is an annoyance that none of us want to deal with. It can be hard to fade these spots, especially when there are underlying causes such as hormonal imbalances, pregnancy marks, freckles, and more. There's a lot of products out there that claim to help even your skin tone but do so with harsh ingredients that damage your skin. At Tonique Skincare, we are dedicated to healthy, natural, skin-loving ingredients that help fade dark spots and whiten your skin.

We use products such as arbutin, glycolic acid, and more to give you the best results while still caring for your skin.

Best Products for Dark Spot and Hyperpigmentation Removal


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Arbutin is a natural source of hydroquinone, which is used in many stronger prescription-strength creams. It comes from the bearberry plant, and is safer than hydroquinone while still being effective, and can be found in many of our products such as the Semi-Custom Gel Creme for Face.

Some of our products for the, like the 10x Gel – Body Whitening Gel for the body, also contain mulberry extract, derived from the mulberry plant, which includes multiple compounds that can block tyrosinase, which is involved in melanin production. Mulberry extract is completely natural and usually doesn’t cause any irritation of the skin.

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Kojic acid, found in our Kojic Acid Bar with Vitamin E for cleansing the face and body, is produced by a few different species of fungi. But don't let that deter you. This agent helps lessen the production of melanin. It also has a similar effect as hydroquinone but is much safer for your skin. It also penetrates multiple layers for a real brightening effect that will help you get the clear and even skin you've been dreaming of.

For harder to lighten hyperpigmentation on the body our Glycolic Peeling and Whitening Lotion uses glycolic acid to help lighten your skin tone and fade dark spots. It exfoliates to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, bringing brighter, clearer skin to the forefront and providing the perfect canvas for the rest of your skincare to build off of. This is also commonly used to treat acne and is excellent at helping prevent and fade scars from blemishes. Not to mention, it can also help smooth fine lines and wrinkles! It's a win-win. 

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One of the most essential factors in brightening your skin and fading dark spots is sticking to a good skincare regimen. Consistency is vital when it comes to seeing results. We've got every step you'll need to achieve the skin of your dreams, and you can even chat with one of our 24/7 customer support representatives to help find the products that work best for you!

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