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Removing Hyperpigmentation with All-natural Beauty Products

Are you noticing a recognizable difference in your skin tone or perhaps there are patches in your skin?  In case you are, there is a huge possibility that you have a hyperpigmentation.  This is not a serious medical condition, but it can adversely affect the way you look and make you look very old.  It is quite disturbing and also embarrassing when you have a noticeable dark patches.  This type of condition can happen to all of us regardless of our age, race or gender.  Fortunately natural skin whitening products can address this issue.


Hyperpigmentation Removal


There are various treatments for hyperpigmentation such as chemical peels and laser therapy.  Unfortunately, chemical peels can have a huge impact on our skin’s credibility and may do us more harm than good.  Laser therapy, on the other hand, is relatively expensive.  For those who are looking for a safe and affordable way to treat melasma here are some of the products from the Tonique line that have been proven to eliminate hyperpigmentation.


Semi-Custom Gel Creme for Face

Semi-Custom Gel Creme for Face


This combination of natural skin whitening ingredients makes it one of the most effective ways to lighten a very stubborn, dark spot of hyperpigmentation or lighten the skin tone overall by at least 6 shades.  In combination with vitamins and minerals this formula focuses not only on removing melasma, sun damage, freckles, and any other forms of hyperpigmentation but will also improve overall skin health by improving the texture, tone, and condition of the skin.  It's one of our customer favorites for its ability to transform the condition, texture, and tone of the skin so quickly.  If you have stubborn areas of hyper pigmentation on the face, this is the formula to choose!


Kojic Acid Bar with Vitamin E

Kojic Acid Bar with Vitamin E


The combination of the kojic acid, palm oil, vitamin E, and carrot oil has created a product that has a high efficacy rate against melasma.  In the event that your hyperpigmentation is caused by skin burns, sun damage, or trauma to the skin, this product would be your ideal solution.  With natural skin whitening products, your skin will be lubricated and safeguarded against any condition that can compromise its wellbeing, while looking the best it ever has.  Furthermore, it promotes skin repair and regeneration which will exfoliate the old cells and encourage the production of new skin cells, which ensures the rough, dry, dark areas will not return.


Green Tea Moisturizing Whitening Lotion


Green Tea Lightening Lotion for Body 

This product is packed with active ingredients that have been proven effective against hyperpigmentation.  It has sepiwhite msh, green tea extract, grape seed oil, kojic acid, Aloe vera juice and lemon extract.  Aloe vera is one of the gentlest products that you can use to treat melasma.  It contains high amount of natural salicylic acid that can even out your skin tone.  Green tea, on the other hand, offers amazing benefits such as reducing the risk of skin cancer, rejuvenating our cells, fight inflammation and lighten our skin.  So, while removing dark spots and making the skin perfectly even it also makes the skin healthy by warding off free radicals.  If your hyperpigmentation is caused by acne scarring or melasma, your discoloration can be removed using Tonique skin care products.


Glycolic Peeling and Lightening Lotion

 Glycolic Lotion for Body

This lightening lotion is ideal for the rough and dry skin.  It is packed with all-natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and repair the damage area.  It has glycolic acid as its base ingredient that will penetrate deeply into our skin and cause micro peeling of the areas that it is applied to.  It disintegrates the damaged and dead cells and exposes the brighter and healthier cells, which in turn gives you brighter and healthier skin.


For more information on how to remove melasma, live chat with a knowledgeable skin care specialist 24/7 on our website or email us at info@toniqueskincare.com for product recommendations for your skin type and skin care goals.



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