Safe Skin Bleaching Products

Safe Skin Bleaching Products

Tonique is an American company, based in Maryland, USA, and we specialize in making the best, safest, and most effective skin bleaching products on the market.

The active ingredients in our products are alpha arbutin, glycolic acid, and sepiwhite MSH, among other chemicals which help the process work better.

For the best results, the multiple products on our site are to be used in conjunction with each other. For example, the peeling lightening lotion is used to remove the top layer of skin, along with the exfoliating bar.

With the younger, lighter, lower layers of skin revealed, you can then apply the 10x intense whitening gel, and it will be more effective, and last longer.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The effects of our skin whitening products can be seen almost immediately, but it may take weeks or months for the full whitening effect to become completely apparent.

The idea is not to do it quickly, but safely, and in a sustainable way, so that the bleaching can be maintained over a long period of time.

If you stop using the cream, your skin will slowly return back to it's original color, as new skin cells grow to replace the old ones.

You will gradually become whiter and whiter the more of the cream you use, and the more regularly you use it, but you won't need all that much to maintain a lighter tone than what you have now.

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends a bit on the area of skin you want to bleach, for example if you have light skin, and only have a small patch that needs lightening, you can just use it on that small area.

But, if you have really dark skin, or if you're planning a deep tonal change, you will need to apply the cream to your entire body to get uniform and even results.
For the entire body bleaching, assuming you want to go completely white, and not a light brown, then one large package deal a month will be enough to do the job.
The Color Me Beautiful package is $349.99, and it contains the green tea moisturizing whitening lotion, the 10x intense whitening cream, the intense skin whitening gel, the coconut mango triple whitening exfoliating soap, and a brightening facial toner.
Even using all of these products every day, all over your body, one of these packages will last you over a month, probably two months or more.
So the average person will not need to use that much, and you can assume that it will cost you less than fifty dollars a week, and the longer you use it, the less you will need to maintain the results permanently.
You don't need to buy the most expensive package, there are many lower price options, but that one is the best value for money, and the most effective.
How Do You Buy?

Tonique delivers worldwide through this website, and you can buy through the payment buttons on the product sales pages, which can be found on the purchase skin whitening products tab in the top menu.

Your address should be tied to your method of payment, your credit card should include your delivery address, but if you need to tell us your delivery address, send a message to
You can also use that email address to ask about how to apply the creams, and which ones will work the best for your skin.
Everyone is different, and so everyone will need different directions for use, so it's a good idea to keep in touch with the helpful support staff at every step along the way in your bleaching treatment.
Why not send them a message now? Perhaps, include a photo of your skin, and we may ask if we can use it in a before and after testimonial.

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