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Should I Bleach? Why Your Reasons for Skin Lightening Are Valid


Skin lightening sometimes draws contempt from people, who are quick to judge and often lack correct facts. Contrary, to what people think more women are bleaching and in most cases, it is because evening the skin tone so that you don't have to wear makeup daily or feel self conscious about dark marks can be gratifying. Many women at one point or another think about bleaching to even out their skin tone and lighten dark patches. If you want to even out your skin, lighten unsightly dark patches, plan on using natural products and you are over 12 years, it is something that you can consider.


Dermatologists also prescribe bleaching, because it is safe. If you are ever in doubt, consult with a professional before use. Here are things to know before bleaching:


  1. Skin Lightening Is Not Just Cosmetic

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Dermatologists can recommend bleaching for people struggling with skin diseases. It can be for conditions that result in uneven discoloration. Also, there are used to solve inflammatory pigmentations, which occur due to acne and injury. Dermatologists can even endorse skin lightening to counter the effects of melasma. Skin lightening is recommended for a reason, and if it helps those with skin conditions to feel better about their appearance.


  1. No Harsh Bleaching Chemicals Are Involved

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Bleaching or skin lightening creams from Tonique Skin Care contain natural ingredients that reduce the production of melanin by your skin cells. Melanin is the hormone responsible for dark skin. By applying these products to regions of the body, such as the face, where hyper pigmentation occurs, you lighten hyperpigmentation and lighten whichever area it is applied to. Some of our products contain exfoliants, which remove  dead skin from the face and body so that your creams can work better.


  1. Sometimes Lightening Can Be Dangerous


Experts recommend the safe use of hydroquinone. For products that sold that are sold over the counter; the percentage is set at 2%, which is also approved by the FDA. Tonique products don’t contain chemicals or anything else that is harmful to the skin or more importantly your health. Instead, our formulations are 20 times more potent than hydroquinone. That ensures that users can use our products for a long time without any adverse effects. Normally, side effects due to prolonged use of natural skin lightening products, even the more potent ones from Tonique are rare.


However, some medicines are not that safe to use, and you should avoid them. Products that have concentrations of hydroquinone that is over 2% are dangerous, products containing mercury, and steroids are also dangerous. Don’t fall for the fallacy that using more of it can accelerate the process. While it seems logical to use more to obtain added benefits; the bleached areas can turn pale initially but in the long run end up even more hyperpigmented and can put your overall health at risk. Abuse of these kinds of products with unsafe amounts of hyquinone, or unsafe ingredients can lead to darkening of the skin. This effect is going to be permanent and impossible to remove.


Tonique products incorporate natural ingredients such as undecylenoyl phenylaline, purified salt water, Kojic acid, Aloe Vera juice, vitamin C among others. 


  1. Bleaching Comes with Numerous Benefits

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While many people discourage the use of skin lightening products, only you, the user knows the reasons for using the products.  Many use it to lighten dark patches of melasma, acne scars and marks, sun damage, etc. that will not go away on its own. Many women of all ages, backgrounds, and races use natural skin lightening products daily to lighten dark patches and maintain their glow, and they experience no adverse side effects.


  1. Buy Products from a Trusted Source


At Tonique we have many customers worldwide because our products have been proven to work. All our clients are satisfied and happy with the results. Read our customer testimonials and don't hesitate to contact us via live chat to speak with a knowledgeable skin care representative at any time.

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