Skin Lightening Cream for Melasma

Skin Lightening Cream for Melasma

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin condition found on many people. Also known as chloasma, the pigmentation of the skin can develop into darker patches and is mainly found on the face.


It is more commonly found on women and people with darker complexions, but can occur in both genders and any race. It should also be noted that melasma is not at all cancerous, neither is it contagious. The exact causes are, for the most part unknown, but certain conditions can contribute to its appearance. These can include the over use of sun-beds or regular exposure to direct sunlight, certain hormonal drugs, cosmetics and even pregnancy. Treatments out there work by reducing the amount of melanin in your skin, which is the pigment within the skin that gives it its colouring. It is produced by cells called melanocytes which are designed to give protection against the sun. Exposure to high levels of UV increase the amounts of melanocytes in the skin, thus the potential for darkening.

Most Effective Skin Lightening Products for Melasma

strong bleaching treatment for melasma

There are many products, currently on the market, which help lighten melasma. Often these can have varying degrees of effectiveness. So what should you be looking for when looking for the correct skin treatment?

When trying new medications or treatments, not everything works immediately. Our bodies may essentially be the same, but in truth they all work a little differently from each other, and so finding what’s right for you can become a trial and error process. Many of the products out there may not be designed for every skin type.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, then creams with a higher amount of certain chemicals may have a negative effect on your skin, such as acne or rashes. It is always safer to go for products that contain a higher degree of natural ingredients, such as the Tonique Skin Care range for instance, rather than creams that can contain steroids, hydroquinone or even mercury. These can have potentially harmful effects to you if used. If a product looks like it contains anything sounding like mercury or any ingredients you are unsure about, it would be best to avoid them completely. Although natural, there are certain skin lightening creams that can be even more effective than chemicals.  The internet is chock full of advise and personal experiences and can be a useful place for finding advice from people with the same issues as you, but if in doubt, always ask your doctor or someone with professional knowledge.

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With potentially dangerous ingredients, choosing the right skin lightening treatment is something you should consider with care. Make sure you always check the ingredients when buying a new product and if you experience any side effects then you should stop using the cream immediately. We’re all different and not all creams will work the same for all of us. With todays advances in medicine, safer alternatives have been produced that have the same positive effects as those with harmful ingredients. Choosing the right product is vitally important to your skin and your health. Pick wisely and you will live a melasma free life.


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