Skin Lightening Cream for Melasma

Skin Lightening Cream for Melasma

Melasma can be a very difficult condition to correct but, with persistence and dedication to applying a skin lightening cream, it is one that can be corrected.  It is caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, pregnancy, hormone fluctuations (such as the fluctuations that take place while on birth control), and other factors that cause  dark "patches" to appear on the skin.  Cosmetically it causes the skin to have an uneven appearance and can make those that suffer from it self conscious and ready to even the appearance of the skin.

Using a natural skin whitening cream such as the 10x cream which can be found in the Tonique Skin Care Collection can help to lighten these dark patches and even the skin tone once and for all.  By using a natural product you can ensure that while lightening the dark patch and evening the area you are not using something that can be harmful to your health.  Of course, once the areas of concern are lightened you will have to protect the area from the sun at all times by using a sunblock with a strength of spf 30 and above.  

After applying the skin lightening cream, lightening the area, and producing an even skin tone it is important to find the source of your melasma or once you discontinue use of the skin lightening creams your melasma will return.  While seeking ways to lighten the dark patches of skin, it is also best to visit a dermatologist that can help you to find out why this may be happening and provide helpful hints on how to avoid it coming back in the future.

Using a good quality skin lightening cream is one of the steps to getting rid of melasma but as you can see it is more involved than just using a good quality cream.  If the source of your melasma is due to hormonal fluctuations, visit your physician to find out how you can avoid this happening again once the melasma is gone, and be sure to use sun protection daily to avoid it returning also.

For more information on how to choose which product is right for your skin and the best way to protect your body's largest organ from uneven skin tone while keeping it healthy and looking its best email us at You can also contact us by pressing the live chat button where you can speak with a knowledgeable skin care representative right away. 

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