Skin Lightening During the Winter Months Article

Skin Lightening During the Cold, Dry Winter Months

Skin lightening during the different seasons require a different approach.  When the seasons change it may require you to add more products to your skin care regimen or may even require you to drop a step or two from your daily regimen.  This article discusses how to lighten and care for the skin during the harsh, cold, and dry winter months.

Skin Lightening in Cold Weather

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Lightening the skin when weather is dry and cold is going to require a lot more in terms of moisturizing, and this is because this kind of weather tends to dry the skin out.  When the skin is dry it is not in the best possible shape to properly absorb the products that are applied to it and dry skin leads to lines and wrinkles which is something that your skin lightening and brightening products should also address.  Who wants to look old and wrinkled but with no dark spots?  This is counter productive and your skin lightening cream should address both skin lightening and also contain anti-aging ingredients as well.

Protecting the Skin from Dry, Hash, and Cold Weather

Day Time Routine

After cleansing with a gentle brightening cleanser which introduce aha's (alpha hydroxy acids) in the most gentle manner possible, it is important to replenish the moisture in the skin or apply a brightening moisturizer to protect against harsh and cold, dry weather.  This moisturizer should also contain anti-aging ingredients as well as ingredients that gently lighten hyperpigmentation without containing too many harsh ingredients.

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Another important step in protecting the skin during the day, during colder weather that can dry the skin is a brightening sunscreen.  After cleansing and applying a brightening moisturizer, the next step is to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun which also causes both hyperpigmentation and the appearance of aging skin.  Using the brightening sunscreen 5-10 minutes after applying the brightening moisturizer, the final step of your dry weather skin care routine in the day.  

Night Time Routine

At night the regimen, is a bit different but also addresses moisturizing the skin, while gently introducing products with just the right amount of skin lighteners and aha's to provide the best possible environment for your skin to remain youthful and moisturized, while also removing hyperpigmentation.  

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The first step, is to again cleansing the skin with a gentle brightening cleanser.  After cleansing if you wear makeup, using a gentle brightening toner in upward strokes after applying to a cotton ball is also recommended.  This step helps to ensure that any residual debris is removed from the skin and that the pores are clean and ready for the next step of your night time regimen.

After removing all dirt and debris and making sure that the skin is exceptionally clean, use a night time brightening formula as the last step of your routine.  Use 1-3 pumps and ensure that the entire face is covered as to make sure that the lightening, anti-aging, and repairing ingredients are evenly distributed over the entire face and especially the areas of concern.


For more information on how to lighten the skin, remove hyperpigmentation, and how to care for the skin during the different seasons, live chat with a knowledgeable skin care representative 24/7 on the Tonique website.


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