Skin Lightening for All Skin Types

Skin Lightening for All Skin Tones

Skin lightening is something that people of all skin types and tones can take advantage of.  Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or darkened patches of skin due to an overprouction of melanin or inflammatory response such as acne or injury to the area is unflattering to any and all skin tones.  Another distressing condition for all skin tones is melasma due to hormones as well as sun damage due to repeated sun exposure to the same area for long periods of time which can cause a patch of permanently darker skin unless a quality skin lightening product is used.  Other conditions that can cause darkening include surgery scars, other trauma to the skin, etc. which can all be remedied using a skin lightening or whitening product.


Using Skin Lightening Products 

Skin Lightening for All Skin Tones

As long as you're using quality skin care products, using products that are applied topically to lighten the skin is a pretty straight forward process.  Generally the instructions are to apply your products after cleansing the skin with a brightening cleanser twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening though, instructions may vary so make sure to follow the directions for the suggested use of your skin lightening product(s).  Exfoliating is also very important and should be done regularly before application of your skin lightening products, which will be explained later on in this article.

After applying as suggested another important thing to remember is if your newly lightened skin is exposed to the sun, it will tan.  Tanning is the exact opposite of skin lightening and will almost certainly ruin your results, causing you to have to start the whole skin lightening process again from the beginning and sometimes with even darker hyperpigmentation!  This is most certainly the worst case scenario for someone looking to lighten dark spots or a darker patch of skin so, make sure to apply sunblock daily while using skin lightening products.  It's also important to know that even if you apply sunblock religiously avoiding sun exposure for long periods of time is very important because even with the strongest sunblock on, if you stand out in the sun for a long period of time you will still tan.


Lightening Very Dark or Hyperpigmented Skin

Hyperpigmentation Picture

Lightening a very dark patch of skin or a darker skin tone may take more effort.  The reason for this is darker tones tend to be more resistant to skin lightening or whitening products so a stronger bleaching product is required.  The key to lightening a very dark patch of skin or lightening a darker skin tone overall is going to be exfoliation along with using a quality lightening product.  Getting rid of old skin cells that may be resistant to lightening is important for all skin types and tones but is even more important for hyperpigmentation that is several shades darker than the surrounding skin or very dark skin tones.  This helps the product(s) to penetrate better and work a lot better so that you get the results you're after.  


How to Exfoliate for the Best Results 


Brightening and Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Exfoliating should be done using a good exfoliating cleanser and in some cases an exfoliating cloth or gloves along with a good exfoliating cleanser.  Exfoliating is also done before applying your skin whitening products.  If you have sensitive skin you should be planning to exfoliate every other day, if not every day is optimal and will assist you in getting the most out of your skin care products.  It is best to exfoliate any and all areas that you will be lightening to get the most out of your skin whitening products and for the best results.

For the face an exfoliating brightening scrub is great and for the body a chemical exfoliating agent like a kojic acid bar along with an exfoliating cloth or gloves is best.  The skin of the body can be more stubborn and extra resistant to lightening but the skin of the face is thinner and more delicate so it is important not to be too heavy handed while exfoliating the face.


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