Skin Lightening Methods

Skin Lightening Methods

This article will explain how to lighten your skin in the most safe and effective way. There are many reasons why you might want to bleach your skin, you might have uneven skin due to birthmarks, freckles, scars, vitiligo, etc, or you may just want to go a lighter shade for purely cosmetic reasons.

In many parts of the world it is seen as being more beautiful for particularly women to have pale skin. It's become particularly popular in the US, in Hollywood, for African American actresses and pop stars.

If you are trying to cover up a blemish on your white skin, you can just apply the cream directly to the spot, or to the entire face, or whatever part of your body you want to lighten, and it will look fairly even compared to the rest of your body.

If you have darker skin, you may need to think about a full body transformation, or it will be fairly obvious that one part of your body is lighter than the rest of it.

The most famous case of one of these transformations is Michael Jackson, who had to go full white because he had hypo-pigmentation.
The chemical he used was hydroquinone, in a prescription cream. Long term studies have shown that this chemical can have some serious side effects, such as bruising, thickening of the skin, nausea, and even cancer in rats. You should also watch out for skin whitening products containing mercury.
Safe Skin Whitening Methods
There are other ways to safely lighten your skin however, such as by using the non-prescription chemicals: alpha arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite MSH.
You can also use kojic acid, or ascorbic acid, vitamin C, which can be most easily found in lemon juice. Homemade skin whitening remedies are not really all that effective though, and the first three I mentioned, alpha arbutin, glycolic acid and sepiwhite FSH are the best combination for a powerful but gradual transformation of your skin.
These are the natural active ingredients contained in the products sold on this site. If you have any questions, send a message to with a photo of your skin. Then go to the products tab, select a product or package deal, and order via credit card. The products will be sent out to you in a few weeks time, anywhere in the world.

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